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  1. Do whatever you need to do to make you happy. That's all that matters. As i stated before, no decision is final. If you find it's not the weed making you feel that way then start toking again. No big deal. Weed isn't for everyone.
  2. I'm going thru a lot of shit mentally right now, 3 times in a psyche-ward these last two months and everyone tries blaming it on the pot, but no its not the pot. Pot is just the excuse everyone is using to blame on my illness.

    It's all about moderation, i was smoking every day. So now i realize i just need to cut my usage. Pot is 10000000x better then all these psyche meds they got me on right now(which no doubt in my mind are making things worse), but unfortunately no one is gonna hear me out on.

    Just do your thing, if you feel weed is making things worse, then do whatever you gotta do to clear your head.
  3. damn and im right here wondering when the next im gonna smoke will be... i havent smoked in like 3 months and your over here talking about flushing dime bags, you could have at least gave it to a friend
  4. Bottom line is, some people can smoke and continue on with their lives, others cant. In this case, OP has made it clear that he can't, and there's nothin wrong with that, everyone reacts different to different things. But to bash and be complete assholes because he wants to quit is inappropriate and completely unneccesary. Theres no hate in T-break threads, and yes a break is different from quitting but my point is, support the guy for making a responsible decision for himself instead of wallowing in self destruction. But OP, I hope you'll acknowledge that marijuana didn't cause your downfall, because that is simply untrue.
  5. I smoke daily and hold a full time job, and school. Im doing pretty well for a 19 year old and the herb hasnt limited me at all. As long as you smoke in moderation and view smoking as an activity enhancer as opposed to being an activity in itself, then you should be alright
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  8. Dont smoke unless you have something to do man. For me at least when i smoke and have nothing to do my mind starts running wild, this can be good or bad but in alot of cases it will lead the person to think they aren't doing anything with themselves, all because they aren't keeping their brain occupied. thats what its all about man
  9. Wow, a lot of assholes in the beginning of this thread.

    Lol at people saying weed isn't a drug.

    Good on you for quitting something if you don't like how it is effecting you.
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  11. hey man do what you gotta do. Might i suggest cutting back as opposed to quitting entirely? Blaze once a month during your own time. If you feel it makes you anti social then smoke during your time. I feel the same way i dont like to be high and go out in public. I bake in my house in my privacy. Do as you wish. i dont see why people are getting angry. :smoke:

  12. You just got to toke in you're own place on you're own. Besides that you need to gain the mental capacity to be able to handle it. Mastering the herb is something you learn. When you aquire it you will soon realize that this wonderful herb is a gift from the god that's demonized by the devils known as the government!:smoke: Keep toking bro!
  13. What you think you become. If you think your a lazy douchebag you become one. There are many 'succesfull in this sick society' stoners out there.

  14. Dude, you are a fucking asshole. Mentally weak? You just throw that out there like you are some weed guru. Not everyone has the same experiences and tolerances. Where's the support? You just want to seem like the cool guy.

  15. I can't believe the people in here.

    This guy wants some advice and support for trying to quit, and you all bust on him. Not everyone wants to blaze all day all night. Some folks would like to move on with their lives, and you donkeys make it seem like its the worst thing ever.

  16. wow your cool. i mean, what are you like 15? sit the fuck down, son! OP i understand what you mean. if you have certain/very specific goals in life, then mj can hinder your progress.

    ^^dipshit i'd like to see you try and train to become an MMA fighter, while continuing to smoke cannabis. ain't happenin' buddy. no way no how.
  17. I´m just wondering what a fuck it´s going on as everyone is having anxiety attacks and paranoia and shit. And I mean everybody, her on GC, my friends, everyone.. damn. -_-´
  18. I agree with those commending you on the choice. Most of the really negative posts sounded an awful lot like people trying to convince themselves of something more than anything.

    Personally, I have just started weed and I enjoy it and plan on using it for some time. I think that you have to admit that it is difficult to be as productive with your life on weed as off. It may help with creativity and some areas, but man, it screws with a lot of your left brain functionality. I can tell you that it inhibits by ability to do work, so I only enjoy it in the evenings and weekends. Even though I have a reasonable amount of self control and I don't let weed take control of my life, I can say that I'm not as productive and it is using a lot of money that could go elsewhere. I'm starting to grow my own, but that costs money also, and that money could go to better things. (lets not talk about selling though because my wife may let me grow, but selling would have her shutting me down instantly).

    That being said, I make a conscious choice to have a slightly lowered productivity overall, risky legal status to spend money on it because I enjoy it. If someone else recognizes the drawbacks and wants to quit, more power to him. He may change his mind and come back, or he may decide that the enjoyment of marijuana isn't worth possible jail time or the other issues. What some people haven't recognized is just because HE decides to quit, doesn't mean he's saying that YOU need to quit. Because he doesn't think it's right for him doesn't mean that you have to take offense and put him down because you are prickly and think he's saying that it's bad and that you shouldn't be doing it. Jeesh, grow up a little if you are like that.
  19. Oh, and I do want to add that although I didn't start trying weed until I was almost 40, I'm very glad that I did wait. As much as I enjoy it, I think the first part of my life was perfect without it and I enjoyed going through it with clarity of thought. When I look back on all the self training I've done for my job that has brought me to where I am, I'm really not sure I could have done it if I was on weed. I have spent a TON of hours learning what I do, and if I smoked back then, I probably wouldn't be making much more than half of what I am now.

    I am also glad that I did finally break down and try it. Now that I have put myself into my chosen profession and I am happy with where I am in my life, now I'm ready to relax and enjoy the rest of it with the help of my new friend weed. :)

  20. :hello:

    Excellent posts.

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