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Discussion in 'General' started by mikejjj, May 7, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I've been smoking Marijuana for around 1 year and 9 months. Since January I have been nearly smoking 2-3 grams a day every single day. Recently I decided to quit smoking marijuana due to many circumstances. My grades have dropped significantly, I've been feeling depressed a lot, and I stopped caring for my body (Gained nearly 20 pounds in the past 4 months). I smoked a joint this morning at around 7:30 am, and have not smoked again since then. On a typical day I would nearly smoke 4 or 5 joints a long with a few bong rips. Just looking for advice and tips on how to quit, and will keep everyone updated as I go through this journey
  2. I haven't smoked in 1 month for work but for me I work out it helps me not think about it. Also making money helps.
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  3. Honestly, you just gotta keep at it. You'll soon get into the routine of sobriety
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  4. askin the wrong group of people for a "how do i NOT smoke weed" question
    if we'd figured that out we wouldnt be here
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  5. Being on a forum dedicated to the use of cannabis definitely isn't going to help.
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  6. Just gotta be honest with yourself. If you enjoy weed, then you enjoy weed. There's no reason on Earth why you cannot balance your enjoyment of weed, with your bodily and psychological health. Abstaining from it won't stop it from controlling your life.

    That's part of the reason why a lot of alcoholics who quit drinking alcohol, suddenly relapse.. sometimes 20 years after abstaining. That's because they don't truly understand how addiction works. Addiction is your body's way of telling you that something in your life is missing, and you're trying to use chemical methods in order to patch these holes.
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  7. I can't take this serious. A year and 9 months, on gc with no profile pic, and you're quitting Marijuana? I smell troll.

    Marijuana is a cure for depression. If you're smoking that much and it's "fucking up your life", maybe you should learn some self control. You can't blame laziness and depression on weed. That's like me getting upset at the weather. Foh.

    The Dude Abides
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  8. Cannabis is a depressant so it definetly could effect him in such a way but I smell troll to
  9. Not in the way of actually making you depressed though. You can become depressed while smoking, but not because you're smoking. Unless you feel guilty for smoking and you just wallow in that feeling but that's just me. Smoking has helped me lose weight, alter my perspectives on life and the world, improved my mood and helped soothe my troubled feels from my youth

    The Dude Abides
  10. Sorry bro depressants can make you depressed.....Hence the term depressant. It may not effect you that way but you're not everyone
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  11. It might be good stuff for us but cannabis is not for everyone
  12. Actually, the term 'depressant' means Central Nervous System depressant, not Mood depressant.

    CNS depressants can indeed worsen depression, but it's important not to fall for this misunderstanding.
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  13. Exactly
  14. I believe there's been plenty of studies that show Marijuana is not addictive. I gave it up for years without any problem. Wish i could put down cigs that easy. If you wanna stop, then stop. I smoke weed almost every day. Never at work. And not cuz I 'have to'. I know marijuana is a depressant, but there are strains that help with depression. I'd have to say asking asking a community of weed farmers how to stop smoking is like going to a bar and asking how to quit drinking.
  15. Just quit, it's not like it's addictive, I don't understand why people make it out to be a big deal quitting weed when all you do is say I'm quitting today and don't smoke no more.
  16. Just say yes. Don't be a quitter.

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  17. Anything that fires the feel good endorphin receptors is addictive. It's different for everyone. That's why there's everything from chronic masturbaters to addicted glass eaters. Whatever it is that floats your boat and for some its weed. Cannabis fires those same receptor and for some its too much too handle.
  18. It sounds like you need to sort out your problems in life, regardless of your heavy cannabis use. It seems to me like you are using cannabis as a means to escape your problems and worries. Heavy use will just put a hazy blanket over problems. When you sober up, the problems are there staring you in your face. So you smoke more. I believe this is why people get depressed while smoking heavily. It's used as an escape tool. You need to face life eventually.

    Take some time out. Sort your diet out. Start exercising. Learn to enjoy life without the use of drugs. Once you feel stable enough, try smoking again.... in moderation.

    21 grams per week ( potentially ) is pretty heavy going. Especially for someone who has only been smoking 20 months. You clearly have an addictive personality.
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  19. I mean the only gripe I have about this is MJ, boosts your metabolism. Which means you gained weight from being lazy not from MJ. I started smoking last year, I've lost about 10% body fat. I don't work out much, but my job keeps me moving and active. Just get out and live life dude. Sitting at home thinking of being depressed, will make you depressed.

    But since you have made adult decision to try and change and I'm not going to fault you for that, takes a big person to change. But don't blame it on an outside source, when you should be looking inside.

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