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Quitting Marijuana - TRUE side effects

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by chsreds, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. hey grasscity. About 15 days ago I stopped smoking weed, which I never thought I could do in the first place.. but it's been alright so far. no problems I notice besides minor short term memory loss. I've read countless amounts of threads on the internet of people saying there are terrible side effects, and to me it's just not occuring. I want you guys, the true experienced tokers, just like me, to list all the possible psychological short-term and long-term effects. I've heard way too much bullshit from other places on the internet (like people having cold-sweats, hot flashes, etc) and I know that the majority of those physical effects aren't even possible, and if they are, very very minor. So far my mental clarity has improved, but I still don't notice too much of any other side effects.

    So, Grasscity community, you tell me what other possible side effects there are to quitting cannabis cold turkey, because I know it's not bullshit :cool:
  2. my only effects are trouble sleeping, and having a hard time eating.
  3. same here, i would lie awake for hours just thinking this is bullshit,why cant I sleep it eventually goes away
  4. I've read this is pretty common. I've had a little bit of trouble eating, but not that much to where I can notice it, like when I take Adderall (for ADHD) and I have a very hard time eating. This past two weeks I've had a couple nights where I cannot sleep, but for me sleep hasn't been the main issue :D
  5. I don't have a hard time eating, I think I just forget to eat. I can also be a little more irritable if I'm not distracted with something.

    I think that without weed, life is just so....boring....
  6. i have sleep n eat problems but also i turn into a major dick when i run outta weed. Keep i n mind i smoke about an 8th of the good stuff about every 36 hours
  7. Yeah, I've had a good few days where I was very frustrated/irritable, and just thought to myself (why am I so mad? why is this as hard as it is?) but the next day I wake up, and I'm perfectly fine.
  8. I've also quit ciggarettes before, and my irritability levels were much higher the first week of quitting tobacco than quitting cannabis.
  9. I had to quit 2 years ago for some bullshit job process (which I never got). I didn't smoke for 3-4 months probably (which totally blew).

    The only problem I had was being irritable and pissed off, more than likely because I wasn't allowed to smoke. I don't think I had physical withdrawals whatsoever. If I had to quit now, sleep would probably be a problem because I replaced sleeping pills with trees.
  10. Only two things that happen to me when I stop for a while are eating less frequently, and a general feeling of, "oh wish I was stoned," when something cool is on tv. But that lasts a few days at most.
  11. I never really get any side effects from going without, unless you could consider thinking 'gee itd be fun to be high right now' occasionally as a side effect.
  12. You may expierence some anxiety. Having trouble sleeping, having trouble eating, but nothing like withdrawaling off benzos or herion. If you're having trouble sleeping, take a couple benedryls before you hit the rack.
  13. Trouble sleeping and perhaps eating but when I go on breaks I really lay into my workouts and sports so makes up for it. Nothing psychological (like depression) or anything to do wiv memory, except I think of it like 28484026202 times a day.
  14. It seems to me that depending on the person, restlessness and irritability are the only true side effects from quitting marijuana; for me it hasn't been too hard at all and I was smoking 1.5-2g of high quality stuff a day. Like I said, I've experienced irritability mainly on tasks that require a lot of patience.
  15. This is also another thing. I've read that when quitting cannabis you have a very high tendency to be more depressed; which for me has been deemed untrue. I do take an antidepressant, and I was when I smoked everyday, but I still feel true happiness without any use of marijuana :D
  16. The side effect I get is constantly watching videos of weed and wishing I had some.
  17. I stopped cold turkey for about 8 months early last year and for about 2 at the very end. I can share that from personal experience its nothing terrible. You will occasional completely bomb a sentence or 2. Your short term memory will be shot. You will have trouble sleeping.

    These side effects should disappear within 1-3 months.
  18. Short term side-effects (1 day- 1 week): I have trouble sleeping for like a week after stopping and that first day i'm not going to be the nicest person you ever met.

    Long term (2 weeks - beyond): None.
  19. I'm extremely sober.
    And extremely irritable.

  20. young grasshoppers is all in your head...i was eating the same on my vacation if not more and same with my t breaks anywhere else.

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