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Quitting For Quite A While Need Help

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Torontoke, May 31, 2013.

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    So guys due to my money situation im gonna be quitting for a few months. Im a long term mary jane user amd have been smoking everyday for the past 5 years. Just finished my last bowl and I really need help. All I think about is getting high and wanting to get high. How do I fight this? I know im not addicted to it but it sure feels like I am I felt nervous and depressed as my weedwas running out when I bought my last half o. Hope to hear some good tips cause fuck life just sucks without weed.

  2. Go buy some cheap vodka.....
  3. It aint that bad bro........... I smoked for 2 years and quit for a couple months just like that. Hope it works for ya.
  4. Just realize that the first 2 weeks are gonna be hard. After that you're gonna be smooth sailing.

    My advice to you is to put everything weed-related into the back of a closet where you won't see it. Essentially clear your home of any pieces, posters, pictures...anything that reminds you of weed.

    Also give yourself some time to adjust; those first couple of days without weed will probably leave you feeling groggy and maybe even moody. Cope with it, you'll be fine soon enough.

    Find a new hobby or something to keep yourself busy. The more you focus on other material, the less time you think about weed.

    Lastly, REMEMBER WHY YOU'RE DOING IT. Your motivation needs to be your finances, that's your priority. If you go out and buy some weed I promise you're gonna feel bad about it for breaking your promise to yourself to not smoke.
    I know it's tough dude, but it's something a lot of people have to do; you're not alone! Best of luck to you, and props for realizing that your finances come first :hello:
  5. ^ terrific response buddy thanks for the great advice I hope to cope with this for as long as possible. Any other advice is still highly appreciated and needed.
  6. I speak from experience, you will feel pretty shitty for the first week or two only.
    You have to truly want to quit/have a break in your mind or things will be even harder.
  7. The thing is I dont want to quit! Man the agony that im suffering through in my head. All I think about is kush and wanting to be stonedd. Any other idea guys?

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  8. I'm an on again off again stoner (smoke ounces for months, then quit because of finances). I think about smoking weed everyday too but you just have to get a hobby and stay busy. Don't be such a fiend man, you'll survive, think positively because there are worse things in life than not having marijuana.
    My hobbies are playing guitar (I'd say I get about 2 hours average of daily play throughout the day), and I stay busy by reading news articles and going on walks with my girlfriend and we pull our daughter in her wagon, or we'll go on bike rides.
    Believe me man, I like to get high just as much as anybody else and would be high 24/7/365 if it was up to me, but if I can't smoke then so be it, I'll get crazy high the next time I do smoke, and it's always exciting to be able to buy weed, especially after I haven't had it in a while.
  9. Just man up and be serious. You'll save LOTS of money from not smoking and there are other benefits as well, even though none really come to mind.
    I am ending a 5 month T-break in 12 days. I think the first 4 or 5 days were the hardest. Now it's all anticipation. 
    Do not replace smoking with drinking or anything else. Except maybe some exercise. 
    Good luck and be strong.
  10. I am agreeing with what most people are saying about the first 2 weeks being shitty. It's true, but once they are over, you'll be used to not smoking and you'll feel great next time you smoke. Good luck :)
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    thanks guys, love ya.. ya i said i love ya and im sober as ever! great advice and encouragement. needed just that. seems like ill actually be happy.. eventually. i keep telling  myself lifes a bitch anyway you look at it, cause you guys see the thing is i used weed to escape my trials and tribulations in life with the dankest weed in my country and now its gone and it feels terrible. but i know i gotta just hang in there be strong and these feelings wont last forever! keeping my head high! 
  12. My 2 cents would be...
    Run dude, go for runs you can have some beers too but just 1 or 2 do the trick actually. (you dont get fuckesd but relaxe)
    Just think about thtat after you come back from the break youll have much loweerr tolerance and youll be able to handle the weed way better. 
    2nd depending on which hobbies you do you will find yourself enjoyed them in a different way when sober. Like everthing is so real and moves fast ghaga

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