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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by negligent, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. well about an hour again my gf's mom called me up and she had somehow found out that i smoke weed and considering my gf still lives with her mom, her mom controls what she can and cant do. so her mom tells me that i am never allowed to see her and she is never allowed to see me again :( i dont even know if quitting will get her back because both her real parents were druggies and thats y her mom is extra pissed. but i think its the only possibility that i could get her back. i'd do anything for this girl, quit, get stabbed or shot, anything! and i gotta tell her mom how i feel about her or else i might end up fuckin myself up if i cant get her back because i truly love her.

    anyone have any advise on what to do? i got a few ideas but a few more couldnt hurt
  2. No fucken yourself up. First, get one good last smoke in. Then, while your stoned, you'll think of a brilliant plan for getting back with your gf. Or at least get in one last huge smoke.
  3. talk with her mom and tell her everything, and then like tell her youl take a drug test for her
  4. so choose weed or a girl you love? to be honest i would pick the girl you love, pick her, tell your gf's mum how you feel and that you have quit weed.

    Good luck.
  5. Damn that was deap mis legally. Shit, makes me wanna cry.
  6. *thats nasty*
    Damn man thats messed up personally i would tell that girls mom to fuck off and keep smoking weed but thats because i havent fallen in love with a girl most the girls ive met are stuck up . but theres more fish in the sea i suppose.
  7. that mum must have been one of those that went to marijuana to other stuff, and that's why she's scared .
    Maybe you can attack on this weak point: By stating that you are a casual smoker, that you could stop for a girl, (but certainly not for her mom), and that it does not lead to hard stuff.

    on another hand, you are not married yet, and the futur mother in law has already found BIG means of pressure on ya? (I forsee a sad life with foster parents)

    bad luck, man. But from now on whatever, it's either you or the mom.

    so my advice: get your g/f outa there!!

    oh, one other thing: whatever your g/f chosses, we all know she won't choose the mother, unless she's willing to live there untill the end.
  8. it aint even her real mom, her real paretns were druggies and they're lives r all fucked up tahts y she's all super pissed. i already stated i was a casual smoker on the phone to her and she was like "oh so that makes it ok right?" she basically jsut straitup hates me. hopefully i'll figure it all out...
  9. Man before you go to talk to her mom roll up 3 or 4 good size blunts. Sit her down and pull one out. Just bug her till she hits the shit, then everything will be straight. Thats what I'd do, then you could just sneak to see your gurl because if you love her enough you will do anything to see her. Then if you start sneakin around you can see her and say you had the balls enough to go light up a blunt in her fake mom's face.
  10. "roll up 3 or 4 good size blunts. Sit her down and pull one out. Just bug her till she hits the shit, then everything will be straight"

    i hope you're not serious..

    "Damn that was deap mis legally. Shit, makes me wanna cry."

    and damn, you're shallow.
  11. DUDE the same thing hapend to me and a girl last year her mom fond out a made her brake up with me and her mom smokes every day i said id quit it did no good i was crusted but got over it a fond out i was beter for with out da fucked up emo girl. pice

  12. That's not love, thats infatuation. Get over it bud.

  13. Exactly. No person is worth hurting yourself over.
  14. tell her mom she can go fuck herself and then go see her anyway. If she really loves you she'll support you no matter what (short of genocide.)
  15. so what did you do after all ryogavash?
  16. Its your decidion after all but i dont think you should stop...First its not even sure that you`ll get her back...your mom is started to hate you and you still think you`ll get her back...I dont think so...Second why are you so sure you really love her...maybe its only infatuation

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