Quitting Cigarrettes? FINALLY

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by bloodraven51690, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Just curious to see if anyone has quit smoking cigarettes by using the nicotine patches or anything similar. I just quit the habit after almost two years. I did it cold turkey and I dont think i would have tried any other way. I didnt wanna replace one form of nicotine with another... Its been 2 weeks and my lungs already feel soooo much better. Of course im not gonna quit the ganj tho!
  2. 4-5 years of smoking (i quit before for like 7 months) and I just quit about a month ago..... didn't use any patches or gum or anything.... went cold turkey as well..... I know how you feel mate

    it is damn hard.... that urge doesn't go away.... just gets less pronounced.....

    and yeah herb was definately helping.... but you can't use it as a complete substitute..... cause then you end up CONSTANTLY high...... and get burned out quick......

    so best of luck.... and don't just say "oh i'll just have one...." thats all it took me to get back on em.....

  3. Yeah, the first day back to college I broke down and bought a pack because I was just anxious and stressed. I smoked one grit and thats all it took to get me thinking about them again. I threw away that pack and I havent smoked since that one cigarette. It helps that I have to walk about 20 minutes just to buy a pack because they dont sell them on campus.
  4. I think its almost been a year since I've stopped.

    I forgot when I DID quit.

    But yea, fuck tobacco.

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