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  1. I've decided that after 9 months of smoking cigarettes i'm going to quit. I can definately feel the effect of them in my lungs. I really dont understand how people smoke for 40 years and are still alive. My last cigarette was 3 days ago. My question is: anyone else find it quite easy to quit smoking cigarettes? I haven't had much trouble with it yet, no intense cravings, or any "withdrawal" symptoms. Anyway.... feedback appreciated :bongin:
  2. Yeah, I've gone from smoking a pack in like 4 days to right now, I haven't smoked in several weeks. I will never get addicted, I can promise you that, because the taste almost makes me vomit. I do it for the buzz rarely these days and I can barely finish one since tobacco tastes and smells so shitty...
  3. what kind of cigarette did you smoke?
  4. I tried all different kinds, including menthols and flavored blends. It all just tasted like shitty tobacco to me...
  5. ah ok. my friends all got me addicted to camel lights haha.
  6. i smoke american spirits on occasion but when i cant find weed for a while ill start smoking 5 or so cigs a day. i know what you mean though, it doesnt taste good and if it didnt give me a good buzz i wouldnt bother. ive found that i can put them down for weeks at a time and not even think about it.
  7. I used to love smokin cigs for the buzz, but as time went on the buzz was less and less...until i was essentially smokin cigs just to have smoke in my lungs. I quit once i got my wisdom teeth removed and i tried one again, but i was coughin and weezin all over the place so it wasnt even enjoyable.

    Good luck quiting, the only side effect i know is when my step mom quit cigs she was a total bitch for like 5 days.
  8. Camel Lights FTW. That shit is like candy in my lungs.
  9. im on my way to quitting, i've tried to cold turkey before but it's really hard
    right now i am at about 4-5 a day and i used to smoke a pack a day, so thats some serious improvement
    my suggestion: ween yourself off them
  10. mmmmmmmm camel lights.

    i smoke a pack every once in a while.

    i smoked for like a year or so and i never once felt the "side effects"
    but they say if you only smoke for a bit (year or two) the adverse effects on your health will disappear over your life-time.
    but you are already more likely to get cancer since you have smoked this long.

    best of luck to quitting.

    i dont know how people get hooked, i mean they dont taste terrible, but they arent what i would call delicious.
  11. I think it depends on where your addiction stems.

    IMHO, there are 2 types of cig addiction.

    1. You are addicted to nicotine (and all the other shit they put in them)

    2. You are addicted to the act of smoking

    I think the first one is alot harder than the 2nd. I found that getting a dugout and taking a couple puffs of mj every once in a while when you want a cig kinda helps with addiction type 2.... lol......
  12. I feel the same, only my first cigarette was 3 years ago, I didnt smoke everyday or something like that, it was every once in a while about 4-5 cigs a month. And just last month I quit. It's not hard but I wouldn't mind to have another. So a little withdrawal.
  13. yeah i pretty much started smoking cigarettes just to be smoking on something. like when i didnt have weed, cigs worked great. they are also great during cig breaks at work, blow off a lot of stress, calms me down a lot. working a restaurant you get super stressed out but when you can have a cig its great fun

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