Quitting cigarettes

Discussion in 'General' started by futureghost, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. So I just finished my last cigarette, and am going to go to bed soon. I am a 22 year old male getting close to a pack a day habit.

    I am going to quit smoking today. When I wake up I'm going to hit a bowl and forget that cigarettes even exist lol. Wish me luck guys (and gals)! :smoke:
  2. go for it man. its 4AM and i'm on day 4 with no cigs. i was smokin a pack a day and i'm 21 so it aint that bad. been smokin since i was 12, but been a constant thing since i was 15.
  3. good luck, kick that nasty habit.
  4. damn its gonna be hard waking up to a bowl and no smoke. Best of luck OP
  5. Good luck, stay strong.
  6. 21 here been smoking about 4 years. Good luck man when i tried quitting the cravings were very hard to deal with. gonna give it another shot soon.
  7. Hey guys, I appreciate the responses! Well see how this goes I already want one lol
  8. Go for it, it's not that hard. My last cigarette was October 2009, I just quit just like that just went cold turkey and never had a craving, I get ashamed of myself when I smoke in my dreams!
  9. I've quit for three days now :)

    Best of luck.
  10. Everytime I quit I come back smoking way more. Last time I quit it was "well I should quit before I get to a pack a day" week later bought a pack and smoked it in a day.
  11. Healthy choice Op(and others in this thread) no cancer for you.
    I like smoking cigs(just enjoy the act of smoking in general, weed whatever it's very calming) but i've been persuaded to quit a few times as a teen. But have come to accept it as an adult. i actually now though tend to pick up more cigars then I ever did before, gotta say I might just opt out of cigs and go for only cigars in the future, but for now I enjoy both. But yeah again congrats to the people that value health over hobby.
  12. D/w man quitting is easy ive done it like 4 times
  13. Don't know if this is a joke or not but LOL either way :D
  14. I was about to walk to the gas station to go get some but I've been talking about quitting since weeks after I started. I might try it, dunno I got that itch and can't smoke ganj when I want to(have to use bathroom in Husband's parents room). I wake up early, his Mom is in bed or the kids are around it's... I just cannot wait until I have my own place again, especially since I don't like the potential for the curious kids to find out.
  15. good for you.

    you can do it.

    cigs are gay anyway
  16. Good luck OP. I need to start on this as well, I only smoke 3 cigs a day but that needs to stop ASAP .. My daughter now harrasses me every time she sees me walking out to the garage lol. When it gets tough smoke a bowl or three, and think about why you wanted to quit in the first place
  17. Good luck man you can do it!!!!
  18. good luck stay strong and you can do it.
  19. On a normal weekend i buy about 3 or 4 packs. (not smoking alone tho,) PLUS the packs everyone else buys and shares with me as i share with them (the place i hangout on weekends is crazy. about 20 or 30 motherfuckers who smoke weed, cigarettes and certain unmentionables) so everyone buys their own shit but shares anyways.
    But ive never tried to quit, just so i dont get all heartbroken when i see myself smoking again.
  20. It's easy to Quit Cigs no so easy on the good stuff ;0)

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