Quitting Cigarettes with Herb

Discussion in 'General' started by SleepyShoegazer, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. So, I decided I'm going to try and quit smoking. I'm 19 and I've been smoking for 5 years, so I figure it's not too late to try. My mom told me alot of her friends stopped smoking with marijuana. Everytime they wanted a cigarette, they'd just smoke pot insted. I'm thinking about giving this a go, but first I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this, or has heard of it? Or if anyone can think of a reason this would work. I suppose it's just the habit, routine, and oral fixation just as much as the Nicotine itself, so in theory, it could curb the craving, but can anyone think of anything else? I'll let you know how it goes, at any rate, incase anyone else wants to try to quit this way..
  2. I suppose in theory it could work, man. It's just, you go through shitloads more ciggys than weed; ya don't wanna be rolling a joint every time you feel like a ciggy, know what I mean? Shit would get expensive. But yeah dude let us know how it goes; I'm trying to quit ciggys too. Starting today, I guess. May as well, I got no money, no weed, no ciggys... What better time to quit eh. Good luck brother
  3. agreed, a joint a day may be ok, but imo a joint a day is to much
  4. I suppose it could have some sort of placebo effect.

    Try weening yourself off with tabacco filled joints. Slowly use less and less. That will likely make the whole withdrawal thing alot easier.

  5. This is what I was thinking. I HATE mixing the two, but I think it might be a nessecary step. I'd probably not roll joints, because personally I can't roll well and I prefer a bowl, and I think it'll have the same effect, but be easier to do as opposed to always rolling. I'll probably start with J's mixed with tobacco (which will be a bummer, but nessecary as I said), then after a week or so of slowly reducing the amount of tobbacy, just stop all together and stay with pure herb like usual.

    And I just did the math on it, and I spend about $43.05 a week on cigs (at $6.15 a pack, one pack a day), whereas I spend about $40 a week on Herb. $3 isn't alot, but I think the health aspect, plus the money adding up over time, plus the overall enjoyment would be well worth it. If I could save $43 a week on just cigarettes, thats $43 that could be devoted to other things (including Collie!).

    And ALOT of the time, I smoke a cigarette when I don't really feel I need one anyways. Like when I'm driving, I always light up a cig out of habit. The only time I ever want a cigarette when I'm high is right after I get high I smoke a cigarette. After that first one, I'm good. So I figure I'll end up smoking myself retarded for a week or so, but then it'll be alot easier to maintain.
  6. dude fuck that shit.

    everytime you wanna smoke a cig, smoke a joint/Pblunt. Youll be too faded to care.
  7. I think it's a great plan, as long as you don 't have a history of smoking cigs during or after smoking cannabis.


    Read your post again. You're gonna be blazed 24/7! Have fun and good luck
  8. would become cheaper once he quit though. def worth it even if you spent a shitload.

    it will pay off in the future. your wallet and lungs will thank you.

    oh and you will be smoking bud more often so yay!

  9. yup i agree:)
  10. Yep.. I'll most likely be cooked most of my waking hours, atleast for the first 1-3 weeks. Normally, that would pose a slight problem, but I have 2 months until school starts, I'm not working two jobs anymore (working 0, actually), and I've basically nothing important to do. So I'll be blazed and I'll actually have a reason, and it won't be interferring with anything. Thats one of the reasons I decided to try this at this time.
  11. gl man.

    if u end up smokin a cig on your journey, only smoke half and try to only smoke less and less of any other cigs u may smoke.

  12. this is wot i was going to suggest its a good idea and i rekon it would work:D
  13. This is how I quit smoking, Every time I needed a cigarette I would just smoke another bowl.

    If I were you I wouldn't mix the two it fucked me up mixing the two, tends to make me really moody and edgy when I mix the two.
  14. I myself have thought of this, however it would become expensive because of substituting weed for a ciggarette. Plus, I always light up a ciggarette after I smoke a bowl.. its just one of those triggers.... you just gotta quit straight up man.. thats it
  15. It helped me, but I had a really high tolerance, so I was able to smoke all day without becoming a complete vegetable.

    I would also highly recommend this book:

    [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Easy-Way-Stop-Smoking-Non-Smokers/dp/1402718616/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1244034544&sr=8-2]Amazon.com: The Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Join the Millions Who Have Become Non-Smokers Using Allen Carr's Easyway Method: Allen Carr: Books[/ame]
  16. Good luck I recently quit too because I went from 1-2 cigs a day to 10-15 and realized it wasn't going to be worth it...obviously you'll have a harder time, so best of luck! I think quitting them by being high all day will be really fun, also I chew gum now like every part of the day...that kinda helps (just regular gum lol).
  17. I quit smoking about 3 years ago, using a similar method. At first I was smoking a lot more herb as everytime I wanted to smoke, I would just hit my 'bat' or dugout whatever you may call it. Keeping busy or working helped a lot as I am a chef, we we're not allowed smoking on shifts. So that is 8-10 hours right there. After about a month of smoking close to an ounce a week, I started to rethink my plan. I would also drink a bottle of water each time I wanted to smoke a cig. Mind you, nothing will help you quit if you don't seriously want to. Eventually I quit all together. I still smoke a ton of herb though.
  18. Honestly, I just quit a couple months ago myself... And having weed along for the ride definitely helps. After the first few days I didn't even feel like having one, and now the thought never crosses my mind.

    I smoked for maybe 6 years pretty hardcore, and a couple lightly before that. Crap got too expensive. Good luck.

  19. a joint a day is too much?!

  20. sorry to be a downer, but imo its not gonna work...smoking ganja...is like part of a routine sequence of events that leads to smoking...like eating then smoking a cig...

    i've never tried to quit smoking cigs....bc i know i can't quit now...if i was to ever quit it would be bold cold turkey

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