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Quitting Cigarettes With Cannabis

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MacGregor, Jan 21, 2014.

  1.     It is working for me! Day 7 without a single cigarette, and I usually smoke at least half a pack a day. I've noticed that the medicinal qualities of marijuana have been much longer lasting and much more effective after only the first day without cigarettes. Nicotine in tobacco and the cannabinoids in marijuana seem to interact with each other as if they were on a psychological teeter-totter.
        When I would smoke just a cigarette, I would feel content but by no means better; and when I smoked marijuana prior to a cigarette, the cigarette made the marijuana's positive effects subside rapidly, just making me want to smoke more! I have been a long time user of both (literally a professional smoker), but it eventually made sense to me that marijuana could be an effective way to quit cigarettes.
        Marijuana has been an effective treatment for anxiety, pain, and depression, with thousands of years of human use to prove this. Anxiety seems to be the main reason why so many people find quitting cigarettes to be an overwhelming struggle; unfortunately nicotine is the root cause of this anxiety. Just the thought of being without our favorite smokes makes us anxious and crave... a cigarette!
        To effectively quit cigarettes, you need to start by building true desire to stop smoking them. You might have to scare yourself into this by looking at the long-term effects of cigarettes. It sucks, it can be depressing, but it is a great place to start taking control of your health.
        Once you've decided you need to kick the habit, that's where marijuana can be a crucial tool to quitting. Marijuana is less addictive than chocolate: The nicotine in tobacco leaves us with serious cravings and withdrawals, which can make day to day life a challenge. If marijuana is used while we are experiencing these withdrawals, the anxiety and urges subside significantly. The marijuana fulfills the physical desire to smoke and psychologically uplifting, all without introducing additional nicotine to our bloodstream like the gum or patches do.
        This major step will make it much easier for many people to start introducing healthy habits into their daily routines. Exercise, nutritious foods, and drinking plenty of water will all help your body recover and overcome the frequent desire to smoke. Spend time doing everything you love (except for smoking of course) or even find a new hobby like learning an instrument or drawing to keep your hands and mind occupied.
        When worse comes to worst and the cravings for a cigarette feel uncontrollable, don't forget that marijuana is a powerful, healing herb that might just get us to our goal of quitting tobacco for good.

    Good luck to all who wish to improve their health well-being; my heart is right there with you.


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  2. I noticed I hardly ever smoke at all while being high, when I'm sober I smoke like half a pack to a pack a day. Which reminds me.  :smoke:
  3. #3 edddch, Jan 21, 2014
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     it worked for me. 
    i hardly smoked when i was high. and i wasnt even trying to quit.
    after a while i smoke a lot more weed than cig. from a about a pack a day to 2 or 3 cigs a day. (and i smoked them as a ritual lol you know, you gotta have a cig after each meal, or when you take a dump :D)
    and then one day i just decided to stop. i still have cigs at my house but i haven't smoked for months. i think ive quit after 7-8 years of smoking

    you still need that determination later after the physical addiction is gone. dont get bored and start again ;)
    good luck to anyone who tries to quit
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    Oh how I would love to quite smoking without trying! 
    Congrats to those who quite, and kiss my ass for those who didn't even have to try ahahaha just kidding of course, gold star for you too!
    I quite once using Zyban, that stuff is messed, Here use this pill that makes not enjoy anything to quite
    Food was the replacement "addiction",
  5. its not the addiction, its the habbit part, like if you see ur pack of smokes, your gonna want a cigarette but if you forget about smoking aka getting high shit becomes more easy to get interested in so baislcy you forget u have cigarettes,
    cigarette adiction is over rated
  6. Not gonna lie, this thread is making me want a cigarette!
    I've been smoking for about 7 years off and on. I've quit twice for periods of 8-11 months. I need to quit again. The problem is, with me, I get a bad cigarette craving right after smoking weed. It's been a habit of mine for quite some time, and that would be hard to smoke weed without the cigarette after. I might need to take a 2 week tolerance break from weed and quit cigarettes at the same time. That will help me break that association of weed and tobacco.
  7. ay' son welcome to the greenside!
  8. I always smoke a butt after I smoke a bowl so I don't smell like straight up dank when I go back to my dorm.
  9. #9 rectaloctopus, Jan 21, 2014
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    It did work for me, haven't had a cig since august after being a very heavy smoker for 10+ years. I'm one of those people who loved smoking after a bowl, eating, sex, whatever, I wanted a cig after it. And I wouldn't have just one, I would chain smoke 3-4 after a bowl because I loved the feeling and taste after smoking weed. I would just smoke a bowl after one of those things. At first I craved a cig so badly, but with the help of weed and a e cig I quit the habbit. I never thought I would because I failed countless times. Idk what stuck this time. Rock on bro!
    Just watch you don't get carried away with it, I caught myself a few times months later. Just like wtf am I doing smoking after every single thing I do, so you do need to watch your habbit.
    keep on it
  10. When I used to smoke cigs, I would smoke like a chimney after getting stoned. It just made the act of smoking fun to me for some reason. But yeah I had tried quitting for several times since I had started in high school but alway seemed to pick them back up. Started smoking horacious amounts of weed and just sort of stopped with the cigs. Been about 6 months now since I quit with absolutely no desire to pick them up again. Honestly don't even like being in a smoky room anymore either. And now I've curbed my weed smoking to more moderate levels too so all's good in the hood for me.

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