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Quitting cigarettes means no weed for me

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RS7K, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. I'm quitting a pack-a-day habit after I started getting chest pains, and it's been about three weeks. Cold turkey makes me a moody, violent, and purposely arrogant, so I've been using Nicoderm CQ to fight off the craves.

    I once blew a three-month quit when I smoked a joint. At that time, I quit cigs and weed together, since I had to go to training camp for hockey. I lasted three months until my sister's birthday. I went down to Toronto as she lives at the Innis Residence downtown (res. for U of T students), and bought some good weed off some guy. I rolled a joint, and bought a pack of cigarettes afterwards. The first cig gave me such a rush that I had to stop our walk to the bar to enjoy it, followed by the dirty feeling afterward. I've always associated cigarettes with weed, since I always smoked right after toking. Needless to say, I smoked for another year non-stop at a pack a day, and dropped 30 lbs. (I'm only 150 lbs. now at 6'0") I play hockey, and everything went downhill after that.

    I don't know how some people can quit cigarettes and keep smoking weed. Not only does it seem stupid to do since you're trying to clean your lungs (common sense right?), but cigarettes just feel so good when you're stoned. I think having a quiet moment by myself, pulling in the smoke, exhaling and watching the smoke swirl around, feel the nicotine while no one bothers you is one of the most efficient simple pleasures one can have. I miss it dearly now, but it's getting better every day.

    But as you know, 4/20 is coming around. I haven't smoked weed in nearly a month, and I really want to get blitzed in three weeks. I could make brownies, but I really don't like the couchlock for 6+ hours feeling.

    I can drink without smoking. Sure, drinking makes me crave, but since I know I'm under the influence, I can tell myself that any stupid decision I make will bite me in the ass later. However, when I'm stoned, it just feels like a different version of "sober", and then I talk myself into doing something (smoking in this case) and brush off any regret. So I'd like to know some tips from some some fellow ex-smokers, and also I'd like to hear what it's like to smoke weed after you kicked the cigarette habit. In the three years I've been smoking MJ, I've never been cigarette-free.
  2. i think someone that smokes weed in their life is destined for a life of smoking. no matter what, one time u try it, your going to do it for the rest of ur life, wether its everyday, every weekend, or couple times a year, your going to do it. cigarettes are something that i have found myself doin alot lately and i have tried to limit myself to just smoke them after weed. but im slowly smoking them more socialy. i say if weed and cigarettes please you, then do it, you only live once, just keep ur game in line for your hockey as long as u really means something to u. if smoking is getting in the way to much for hockey, if u truly love the sport then ull find a way to smoke, or cut down ur smoking.
  3. honestly, i smoke weed whenever i get the chance. im always around cigs but i never touch them. the reason for this is because when i smoke weed, i subconsciously relax and not even worry about it. when i smoke a cig, i get this dirty feeling because it was a big reason my grandpa died. i know its about the same thing, but i always think that cigs have an assload more chemicals. im just uncomfortable smoking cigs. just try to make yourself think theyre really bad for you, it sounds stupid i know, but after a while, you will start thinking like that just like i did.
  4. My best friend is addicted to cigarettes. He has to have them when he is drinking, or smoking. He must have one before he goes to bed. I always thought smoking weed as cleaner then smoking cigarettes. That has just always been my mindset. I smoke cigs socially but I don't feel a craving for them.
  5. Yeah, your friend is just like me prior to quitting. I'd have a cig after every beer, every session, every time I had a work break, every time I went outside, chain-smoking in the car, etc. Even sober it's hard not to think about it, especially when I'm bored. I'm afraid I might have to skip out smoking weed on 4/20.
  6. well, i think you're doing the right thing man. if you must give up toking up until you're free from addiction to tobacco, then so be it man. but i think the main reason why you got addicted is because you associated cigarettes with an object or a habit.

    lets say that whenever you get stressed, you lite up a cig. well, after a while, every time you get stressed out, your body will start craving that cig because it associates stress with it. or lets say that after every meal, you smoke a cigarette. once again, you're associating something with cigarettes, which leads to addiction.

    i don't really know the solution, except try not to associate anything with cigs. if anybody offers me a cigarette, sure, i'll take it, but i don't go out of my way for one. since i don't get offered very much, i've yet to get addicted. :)

    i know a lot of people (my siblings included) who pick up the habit to lose weight. it works... for a while. not worth it if you ask me.

    for two months, i'd always be around my friends who smoked cigs, so i picked up the habit. i'd chain smoke like crazy, since i never felt the effects as well as them, since i didn't realize i wasn't inhaling properly. then i quit, because i was just starting to feel the cravings, and now i will occasionally have a cigarette (whenever we're cruising in my car... which isn't very often...)

    but, i have a question... if you smoke tobacco that was bought at a store (not in a cigarette) in a pipe or something, could you still become addicted? is nicotine found in all tobacco or do cigarette companies add it? (i don't know since i've never smoked regular tobacco)

    anyway, i'm stoned, so i'm rambling. sorry! best of luck with quitting dude. when you play hockey your lungs must feel like a bitch since you smoke.
  7. i promised myself to never smoke a single cig - going strong so far :)
  8. If you don't want to quit toking, Don't smoke cig's when your high! Its all about your willpower, if not I guess youll just have to quit.z

    You only live once, more the reason to stop smoking Cig's and endangering your health.
  9. I smoked off and on for about nine or ten years,(I started way too young) mostly off but the last two or three years I was smoking fairly heavily. It's always been a social thing for me, but even now I crave for a cigarette occassionally, not for the cigarette itself but for the act of smoking. Never really associated cigs with weed, I'd smoke after blazing down of ocurse, but I never really got an urge for a cig after getting high. My sister however, always has to have a cig after smoking weed, she was basically in the same boat as you, whenever she'd start smoking weed again, she'd pick up the smoking habit.

    I think that if smoking weed is going to lead to cigarettes, then I guess not smoking weed would be your best option, and the one I'd probably go with. You'll save money and your lungs in the process, sounds like a win-win situation to me.
  10. I've been smoking for 5years, and im now once again trying to quit.. I agree that a cigarette after a session is goood.. but when im quittin' smokin cigarettes, tokin helps me with the moodyness that comes with quittin :)
  11. same here, I decided a long time ago Id never smoke cigs, just cause they are soo bad for you and a complete waste of money, even If money didn't matter there just too unhealthy overtime.

    I had a friend who smoked both and he quit cigs cold turkey and has been good for atleast 6 months, still smoking weed though. Im glad he was able to do it.
  12. cigarettes make you slaves to the cigarette companies!

  13. I have taken a break from weed and now just smoke on the weekends cause of sports just like u ..... im a junior in high school and have probability of playing d1 basketball and have never smoked a cig just pipe tobacco here and there but dude u need nicoten just dip i have been dipping for 2 years now on and off and usually a can a week and never have signs of lip cancer so i mean ur choice but buy a can and see how it works for u wiht nicotene
  14. Junior in High School? Minor alert!
  15. im 18 was held back by my parents for basketball no joke........... alright retard if i wasnt 18 how would i buy dip i dont have any brothers or anything dude how fucking stupid are u?????????????
  16. when I get high I get paranoid so when I smoke cig's I feel like I'm killing my self. I've been smoking weed since I was 13 and smoke about 1 cig a day not even.

  17. replacing 1 bad habbit with another thats just as bad has to be the dumbest suggestion i have heard y on earth would u quit smoking cigs and pick up dipping... common sense man....

    -i say do what u have to to quit that nasty habbit i havent touched a cig in over a year and feel soooooo much better for it i use to be a heavy smoker and trust me its worth it..... when i quit i accually increased my pot smoking just cause i always wanted something to puff... i would toke jay after jay some nights really just wanting a cig until i found sunflower seeds... im telling u man just eat sun flower seeds constantly its the best way to doit.....


  19. well the same purpose as dip and pipe tabacco.... TABACCO INDUSTRIES MAKING BILLIONS!
  20. dealers make thousands off shit weed so i mean

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