Quitting all drugs- need tips.

Discussion in 'General' started by fourtwozer0, Jan 27, 2010.

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    So, recently I made the decision to drop out of high school.
    Tomorrow I am going to apply at like 20 places and wait til' one hires me.
    Once I'm hired somewhere, I made the decision to quit buying drugs all together.

    I decided that I need to quit buying drugs [except cigarettes] because I know how much money I would end up spending on them , and at this point in time I CAN'T spend money like that.

    My goal is to save up 15-20 grand workin' 2 jobs.
    I don't have any expenses living with my mom - except cigs. ANY OTHER amount will be put into my bank. I'm swearing to myself that I wont buy anything else.
    Once I reach this I want to move from Indiana to California to leave everything behind.

    Not buying drugs until I have enough money to support my habits will help me with this dream greatly.
    But I'll be honest, my will-power isn't the best. [fuckin love opiates and weed]

    So I want to hear your tips that you've stayed clean with - or just shit that you think will help keep my mind off it etc.

    ALL tips regaurding life after dropping out of high school or any other thing that you think will benefit me are GREATLY appreciated. (besides going back to school) :)

  2. Try getting your GED? I got no idea, man.

    Question, why did you drop out anyway?
  3. Out of curiosity, why are you dropping out?
    And for help with quitting all drugs i think that the cigs will help you stay away from them. You just have to make sure you resist the temptation. Try finding a hobby. Bordem, at least for me, is a great factor in drug use. What are your interests?
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    If you are worried about costs, you shouldn't keep smoking cigarettes or using any other tobacco product.

    Edit: Oh, even though you don't want to hear it, going back to school will benefit you the most when trying to reach "success" in life. What ever it may be.
  5. I had a few friends that, after a few life changing experiences, decided to drop everything. They sold everything and just headed west. If you are tough, determined, and prepared (at least financially) you should be ok. One of my friends lived in the Redwood forests of California for awhile and now he works at a big pot farm in exchange for room, board, and weed.He's loving life. Only you can find your path to happiness. Good luck!

  6. ^What he said. Cigarettes are expensive, dude.

    How come you're dropping out? You've only got a few months left....
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    i apologize if this is what you mean by "JUDGE OR TALK SHIT"

    but i think ur making the wrong choice. Saving money, dropping out of high school, and getting a job is probably a good idea.. and going to California (well, mb not with the economy.. but you could come up here to Vancouver..) is a GREAT idea..
    Giving up the green, on the other hand, is ridiculous!

    Why would you punish yourself like that? :smoke:
    Just get a 15 dollar bong, an o every 1-3 months, and conserve. :smoking:

    edit: also some advice, spend the time to look for a decent job if you can, and ask the employees who look bitter what they think of it if possible.. I wish I had done so rather than working at my first job.. the one I have now is almost literally twice the pay, requires no increased qualifications/time investment, and involves browsing reddit for 75% of my day..

    I know that even in this economy, security guards are being hired daily in vancouver, and construction workers can still make 15-30 an hour.
  8. moving to california will make you to do more drugs cuz we have good shit.
  9. Practice panhandling; it is a skill you will need.
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    quitting drugs good idea

    dropping out BAD BAD IDEA

    every single person i have known in my high school career that has dropped out has literally gone NOWHERE. They always say "oh yea im gonna save up open up a store with my friends just work work work etc."

    and couple months later there they are hangin with the lower classmen from the high school smoking cigarettes by the 7-11

    you will regret it. At least try to get your GED but even that is a stretch, its hard enough to get a job WITH a college degree.

    if this still doesnt change your mind, you could learn extensive survival skills and become a mountain man like what im going to do, live out of my backpack with everything i need, no bullshit, no extra obligations, no gas to pay, no insurance, no bills, just the money for food when i cant get wild game and fish

    sound rediculous but its what im going to do ive been preparing for a year now physically as well as getting supplies, just gonna give a big fuck you to society and the whole college/career lifestyle everyone goes for

    i dont want a fast car, a house with a garage and a little doggy, a job. I just want to be completely independent and see the United States as it is geography-wise, from the perspective of my own eyes, from my own two feet, not from behind window panes or from the inside of a metal box with wheels barreling down asphalt.

    had enough of this modern society, going to revert to hunter gatherer, and write write write and explore until i die or it doesnt suit me anymore

    good luck

    edit: oh yea and also, i dunno how well this is going to work out, i could get lost, starve, die from anything, nature, wild animals etc. but i know in my heart that i must try, or else i will remain unsatisfied with my existence for the rest of my life
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    Keep busy. The 2 jobs should make that easy..

    The best thing I've found to keep my mind off wanting to get high is keeping myself busy with something..

    If your moving around, working with your hands, and having to think about what your doing then it keeps you occupied. Usually after work you'll be pretty tired to..so just going home and relaxing actually feels pretty good even being sober.

    Just don't be a fool and think you can treat yourself...I've made that mistake too. Got clean for a couple weeks then thought I could buy a small amount and smoke very little. You wind up right back where you were and fast. I'm not saying you should never smoke again...just make sure you stay clean for awhile so your the one controlling the situation not the weed.

    Oh and yea..dropping out is a really fucking stupid thing to do. Your gonna do what you wanna do though so I won't waste time with any lecturing.

  12. I can't really think of my interest's other than drums...
    Probably why I would just get fucked up all the time.
    I guess I need to get new hobbies etc- that'd help me.

    I don't want to say my reasoning for dropping out cus I know people will just come in and talk about how dumb I am etc.
    In the long run it could be a stupid ass decision.
    But I truly feel that I can live life perfectly fine without my diploma.
    If shit doesn't go the way I want it to, you can always go back to high school to get you're diploma as long as you're under the age of 21.
  13. If you put that much effort into school, you could have got 1 job that payed double that a year, and still buy your drugs. If you really want to save money you should also quit cigs. If you can quite opiates im sure you can do that too.

  14. When you want to buy weed or opiates or whatever else remember that.
  15. I agree with a hobby or something. I would suggest take up swimming. Very good for you, takes effort but the more you do it the more enjoyable you will find it. Just to get in the water , and swim either casually or get into doing laps in the lane is very good ..really clears your mind.

    As for your high school situation

    this is an interesting question for me . As I am high school dropout however went back to school 2 years after high school and got my degree as a mature student (needed to be out of school for 2 years and then write tests as a mature student to get in) . I think I have turned out pretty successful because of the choice I made a long time ago, have a great career, good friends and family. However it does not come without regrets. looking back I really wished I stayed even just to graduate with mediocre grades. I would have much rather graduated with my high school diploma than an GED. Seems petty but there is just a certain stigma with GED rather than where you graduated from.. ( i don't know maybe it is just me ).

    For me the GED was harder to get than if I stayed in school. Finding time out of my worklife to study , really really sucked . I hated being a workingman but then having to study afterwork just to get that to move on with my life. I was not very disciplined to do that ..well.. I struggled but eventually got it and then went on to college.

    Anyway just some stuff to think about from a dropout to a potential other.
    If it was me I would stay get it over with and then move on. If not and you want to go GED route , be prepared to work hard , after you do your day job.

    Look into swimming though , think you might be surprised at the results.

    Good Luck

  16. hah thanks for the advice bro- appreciate it :)

    Hahah, I know.
    Once I get a job in Cali and have the previous 15-20k I saved, I think I'll be good enough to party here n there.

    Fuck off, I know I'll never be a panhandler :wave:

    Thanks man, I figured working as much as I can is the best way to keep it off my mind as well.

    Nice to hear shit from another drop out.
    I'll start swimming more at my YMCA :)

    I'm only 18 as of right now though so as far as getting my GED goes I'm going to wait.
    IF, in the next 3 years I have any regrets about dropping out, I will go straight back to school to finish.
    I read online that i have until the age of 21 before I'm not allowed back at high school.
  17. Well when you feel the urge to do drugs just light up a cig and/or play the drums
    And if you want to hit me up with a PM i wont judge or tell you what to do with your life.
    Wow this sounds just like the book Into the Wild. And if you haven't read that you would love it. My one question is do you plan on doing this for the rest of your life or what?
  18. I would highly suggest staying in school, you only have like, what 4 months left? you've already make it to being a senior, just get your diploma, or go and get your GED at least.
    I'm not judging you, but with only 5-ish months left it would be in your best interest to do one of those things. Jobs like diplomas, they really do.

    I would also suggest quitting cigarettes, but if you don't want to I would suggest investing in an e-cigarette. Its only 55-ish dollars and most places send you 25 cartridges, which is almost like 25 packs of cigarettes for free. I've heard in the long run its cheaper, not to mention healthier (and you can smoke wherever you want).

    Good luck in what you choose to do, just remember why you're doing it and really look into the other options that are before you and your reasoning for quitting school
  19. Really appreciate it man- the kind of post's I wanted out of this. (positive)
    I'll hit you up if I need anymore advice.:hello:
  20. Good luck with that.

    It's an undeniable fact that, in today's world, you need AT LEAST a bachelor's degree to go anywhere in life and not be stuck living paycheck to paycheck.

    It's just the nature of the world. Can't get a bachelor's without a high school diplioma.

    You'll probably see this as me attacking you...I'm not, I'm just letting you know how it really is. Your life will be miserable. We don't live in the world our parents grew up in where a high school education wasn't all that necessary.

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