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Quitters Never Win

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by FlameNuggz, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. Lately a close friend of mine has been talking about gettin' out the game, do to some bullshit with a Popo, all I had to say was "the thirst always wins" this was brought to my attention in his so called last blunt Roto. He didn't get arrested or charged with anything, Po9 was just playing their Jedi mind games. In times like this you are content with your carefullness. You have to stay on your toes so you can Live to Smoke Another Day!
  2. I have no idea what the fuck you just said. But, right on!
  3. yeh what did you just say? ha
  4. im guessing hes getting out of slaging? idk what but smoke on brother!
  5. Nah he wants stop toking
  6. I couldn't have said it better myself.
  7. I only find these messed up posts when Im really stoned. Haha. I have so much trouble reading them, thinking that im just stoned and dont understand it but then I realized im fine, they are fucked up.
  8. Lol! that's hilarious man.
  9. Lol, its been a long night... i'm stoned.....this post is awesome.
  10. funny thing is i am ripped outa muh gourde and i understood that post, then upon reading you guys "huh's" around the shibbity bip, i thought it was great i was around his level.

    That shit was f00kin hilarious.

    Everyone : You're a Buzzard! (horse lip)

  11. ok for everyone that doesn't understand, I will look at this post in a mirror and translate:

    A good friend of Mr.FlameNuggz is desiring to stop doing some sort of illegal activity since a police officer is making it hard for him. Mr.FlameNuggz has expressed to his friend that "thirst always wins". Mr. FlameNuggz's friend was never charged with any crimes, nor has he been lawfully detained; the police officers have just been harrassing Mr. FlameNuggz's friend. Then Mr.FlameNuggz goes on to share a very important life lesson with us all by conveying to us that times are tough and you need to be intelligent and observant about your illegal behavior so you can enjoy your freedom!

    Thank you, Mr. FlameNuggz, for reminding me that freedom is valuable while also capable of being easily taken away.
  12. Man one of my friends wants to do the same exact thing...he smokes more than i do too...but he said he just had a deep thought about his life and might quit smoking and enlist in the end of the we smoked together for our first thought is this "thought" may be the result of shrooms or something lol...well see how it plays out though
  13. yo $10 says he don't quit, or if he tries to, he comes back.
  14. You are very welcome my friend
  15. Im pretty stunned right now and I read it perfectly. Didn't quite understand "the thirst always wins" but whatever
  16. that happened to me i stopped considerably after some shitty shroom trips
  17. If quitters never win, why do they say "quit while you're ahead"?
  18. It's a "catch phrase" dude. Like "I'll be back".

    Difference is, "I'll be back" doesn't sound sort of stupid like "the thirst always wins". WTF? Is the guy channeling Dracula?
  19. I think what he means by "thirst always wins" is your innermost desires will always take precedence in your life.

  20. Could be that.

    Or he could just be really thirsty.

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