Quiting realy sucks.

Discussion in 'General' started by Stitt1988, May 28, 2010.

  1. I have temperaraly quit smoking weed for a few reasons, 1 I am looking for work 2 the shits expensive and 3 I need to loose weight and its easier when I dont have the munchies all the time.

    Most stoners say weed isnt addicting at all, I think it is somewhat its just easy enough to quit (for me at least). But I definatly have what I would consider withdrawls. Actualy they might not be withdrawls so much as thats just the way I normaly am and weed treats those symptems. If that makes any sence.

    The one I am most worried about is suicidal thoughts, I kinda doupt I would EVER do it at this point in my life (I have a wife and daughter). I dont like to think I am crazy or anything, its not like I hear voices telling me to kill myself, I just get extremely depressed and have a feeling I can only describe as "worthlesness".

    I also seem to get angry over little things very easy, and often take that anger out by breaking things. Usualy glass bottles or something like that, not expencive things and only ever things I own. The worst was a lava lamp. My wife even tells me I am much nicer, happier, funnier, ect when I have weed, I dont need to be high just have to have smoked within 24 hours.

    Insomnia, I have now been up for 4 days and 3 nights straight.

    Nausea, I always feel slightly nauseous, but if I drink at all (beer or liquor) with out weed I throw up instatly and sometimes for no reason at all.

    Loss of appetite, I have to force myself to eat one meel a day to stay healthy (I havnt ate anything but sliced ham in 70ish hours right now thoughe). But I have to loose wheight anyway so that I dont mind too much.

    There are other "symptoms" too, but those are the worst. I am not realy sure why I am posting this, I guess I am looking for advice but I cant imagine what I can do about it other then smoke a joint. Maybe I am just trying to vent, But I am deffinatly feeling the affects of sleep deprivation.
  2. I say, fuck working for a government wage, grow your own, and forget losing weight. You already have a wife and child, who you looking to impress?

    Keep smoking brother.


  3. No dude, I want to loose weight for myself. I am a former US Marine, but I gained a lot of weight when I was in the hospital for 5 mounths recovering for shratnel wounds. I used to run marathons now I get winded running to my mail box and back. I do a lot of hiking I can go for ever if I am not moving fast, but I cant run at all anymore. I just do not want to be fat anymore. Plus me and my wife are swingers lol.
  4. Too much info. Now all I can think about is you being a fat american swinger. Damn, not a nice image.

    Have you gone cold turkey from smoking how much/day? If you're really struggling, you could gradually lower your intake till you can eventually go without. It would be easier. Otherwise you're going to have to ride it out until those symptoms wear off.

    Good luck, all the best.
  5. Giving up is for quitters!
    Only kidding, good luck mate hope it all goes well!
  6. I am not extremly fat, I only wheigh 137 lbs but I am only 5' 3". And yes I quit cold turkey but I have done it several times over the years. And like I said I dont think thies are realy side affects, thats just the way I normaly am with out weed. But when I have weed I do not notice any of them at all.
  7. Thank you for serving our country!

    I'm going to boot camp Oct. 18th, so I feel your pain. I can't smoke either because of the random drug test bull shit. BUT when I have the money I buy k3 herbal blend online. It's a DAMN good substitute for weed. My friend quit to get an IT job, so we smoke that shit together all the time :smoking:
  8. I know how you feel, man. I had to quit when I was finding a job, and I had no problem quitting because weed isn't addictive, It just sucks not being able to smoke it.
  9. You sure you know what you are getting yourself into? I aint trying to talk you out of it, hell I'd love to back to afganh again for round 2 if I could. Just know that you are joining during a time of war (which you get a metal for after bootcamp), you will go to war, theres no maybe about it. Rewatch every war movie you can find.
  10. lol swingers. Look into spice herbal blends, or straight up jwh, do some research on it, it doesn't show up on drug tests and its legal, feels just like the real thing. Also, you probably shouldn't have too much trouble finding a job if you were a marine..as for the munchies..dude 137 5'3" you're not fat.
  11. When I kick heroin. I had those extreme feelings of worthlessness. They pass with time. Its just cause your body now doesnt have something that it is use too. However dope withdrawl and not smoking weed are on 2 different playing fields. You'll be fine tho dude.

    About losing the weight take it easy at first no need to think you can do it all in day.
  12. Man ya just never really know where Burt Reynolds is gonna turn up.

  13. I cant run my old PFT anymore (which is 20 pull ups, 150 crunches in 2 minutes, and a 3 mile run in 24 minutes). I want to get back to being able to do that every morning, untill I do and I am back down to at least 125 I will still consider myself out of shape. I'm only 22 its not like im old or anything. It's a lot harder to do 20 pull ups when you know you arnt gonna get your ass kicked for not being able to.
  14. that is one hell of a workout. start slow man, just go out on runs every day eat healthy and stay active, don't really know what else to say..hell you probably know a lot more about exercise and diet than I do, you just need some motivation.
  15. damn i feel tall after reading this thread...lol like stupid tall

    anyhow i know how u feel...right now i gotta quit to find a job...and i live in an apartment so idk how smart it would be to grow lol
  16. Dude it has taken me a year since I got off light duty just to loose 9 inches of belt size. so I am getting there slowly. I miss running down the block screaming cadences freakin the shit out of ppl (marine corp cadence is graphic).
  17. Surely there's a park or a field or a drainage ditch or something? Dude I couldn't go back to buying weed. Man, we are lucky enough to live on a planet where the coolest thing in the known universe just grows right on up out the ground.

    Money doesn't grow on trees, but weed does. :D
  18. yea but im sure someone else would probably find it....ill just wait till my grandma's estate is finished...cause then ill be able to get a house.
  19. So? I live in an apartment too and lots of people grow in here. I buy from my guy directly below me. literaly all I have to do it stump me feet on my kitchen floor and he knows what I need and brings it up to me. He lives with his girl and they have the other bedroom a total grow room. I have also seen people park trailer in the parking lot and grow that way (very red neck and awsum).
  20. oh i hear ya, i really does suck.

    i understand its not a problem for most ppl. but when you smoke for medical issues it's so fucking hard. then when you tell ppl your having a hard time they give you shit about it, it sucks because they really don't understand.

    best of luck, I hope you can get back to where you want to be.

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