Quite possibly the funniest site ive ever seen

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  1. Whoever came up with that video must have been stoned.
  2. iv'e seen this in other threads...but still...its pretty funny...watching it stoned is funny..its like it was made for stoners...lol
  3. ^ Ha yeah i figured i wouldnt be the first, i had never thought to go to the site until today though. I busted out laughing when they opened the door and started coughing, that room must have been hotboxed beyond belief.
  4. Haha. I really thought that we had gotten past the Reefer Madness, slapstick kind of propaganda. But, I guess not.
  5. lol that was funny
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    Lol intro was funny shit, watching other vids now

    EDIT: Watch the Social Life one.. apparently stoners can't maintain proper hygiene, fascinating. Absolutely fascinating.
  7. I discovered these videos on the Above The Influence site a few months ago when I was shopping for Above The Influence hoodies :smoking:

    They're fucking hilarious.
  8. Oh my god, that seriously looks like it was made for stoners.
  9. I spent too much time on that site hahaha I love it
  10. one of the few ati shit i don't find offensive lol.
  11. dude wtf. that does the exact opposite. instead of making me not want to smoke, it makes me want to get to that level where i'm stoned like a retard, and i'm a test subject. da fuck!
  12. Does it bother anyone else that they NEVER get the whole "driving" thing right? I don't know anyone who drives above 5mph while stoned, yet in these things the stoners always floor it.

    Other than that, awesome videos, makes me want to light one up right now.
  13. lol great website i ask them where i could get one of there T-shirts but never got an email back (assholes) i think i would be great to blaze up a fatty and have my above the influence t-shirt on.
  14. hahaha thatss whatsup

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