Quite possibly the dumbest thing I have EVER heard

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  1. Ok, so today I got this phone call from an aunt. The phone call was to inform me of a cousins mortality (before you start saying your sorry, I didnt know the guy all that great, and what I knew, I really didnt like). Anyway, this asshole, bought an incredibly rare, exotic, and extremely Venemous Black Mamba as a pet. So in the process of trying to show the snake to someone, he reaches in the terrarium (sp?) and is bitten by the snake. He was surprised it bit him, he thought he had it trained (anyone who owns snakes knows you cant train a snake.), Come on, seriously, who thinks they can just pick up the snake, thats said to be the most aggressive snake in the world. wow. Anyway, 30 minutes after the bite, he was dead. He was bitten on the top of the hand between the thumb and forefinger. wow, I just dont know what else to say. I know its pretty shitty to speak ill of the dead, but that just wasnt a smart thing to do
  2. no that was definatly not an intelegent move. tragic as it may be thats dumb as hell.:eek:

    feel sory for his family tho. ill smoke one to em. and the poor bastard that got bit:eek:
  3. there is a fable that talks of a snake who got a ride accross a river from a frog who he then bit. As he was dying the snake explained that after all he was a snake!
  4. People say I'm harsh on subjects like this, but in my opinion, saying you trained a snake doesn't mean it's true, and if you stick your hand in there expecting not to be bitten, you've earned death. That's how I view things like this. I've outlived several friends because I tend to think before I act.
  5. Damn, a 100% mortality rate is nuts. Handeling a black mamba is not a good idea. I could understand if you were some sort of snake collector and you just left it in the cage and threw it rats, but to actually have one as a pet and play with it... thats just stupid. Couldnt he get is defanged or something?

    This is an example of natural selection. People that are to dumb to not play with black mambas die, thus preventing them from spreading their dummy genes to the next generation. I know that sounds harsh but this guy pretty much killed himself. I would pet a wild grizzly bear before I would pet a black mamba.
  6. Can't you get a snake devenomized or something like that? I'm almost certain you can... even if you can't, why would you get a poisonous snake as a pet in the first place? Let alone one of the most poisonous snakes in the world. I can understand having a non-venomous snake as a pet, because there isn't a risk of dying involved. Some people just don't have common sense...
  7. I didn't even know you could get a Black Mamba as a pet. For sure there's a black market for exotic pets and I heard that in Florida, you can get a venomous pet license. That is crazy shit man. Accidents happen and hindsight is 20/20.
  8. I really don't understand what was going through his head. That's unbelievable. :confused:
  9. ELLE
    Oh, I'm sorry Budd, that was rude
    of me wasn't it? Budd -- I'd like
    to introduce my friend, The Black
    (gesturing towards the
    Black Mamba -- this is Budd. You
    know before I picked up that little
    fella, I looked him up on the
    (she removes her notepad
    from her pocket)
    Fascinating creature the Black
    Mamba. Listen to this,
    (reading from the notepad)
    "...In Africa, the saying goes, in
    the bush, an elephant can kill you.
    A leopard can kill you. And a Black
    Mamba can kill you. But only with
    the Mamba, and this has been true
    in Africa since the dawn of time,
    is death sure. Hence its handle;
    Death Incarnate."
    (looking up from the
    Pretty cool, huh?
    (back to paper)
    "...Its neurotoxic venom is one of
    nature's most effective poisons,
    acting on the nervous system
    causing paralysis. The venom of a
    Black Mamba can kill a human in
    four hours, if say bitten on the
    ankle or the thumb. However, a bite
    to the face or torso can bring
    death from paralysis within twenty
    (up from paper to Budd)
    Now you should listen to this cause
    this concerns you.
    (reading from the paper)
    The amount of venom that can be
    delivered from a single bit can be
    (looks up from paper)
    -- You know I've always liked that
    word Gargantuan, and I so rarely
    have an opportunity to use it in a
    (back to paper)
    "If not treated quickly with anti
    venom, 10 to 15 milligrams can be
    fatal to human beings. However, the
    Black Mamba can deliver as much as
    100 to 400 milligrams of venom from
    a single bite."

    -- Kill Bill Vol. 2
  10. I 100% agree with that.

    Guy was retarded as shit to get a Black Mamba in the first place, let alone stick his hand in its cage. Shit even if it was unpoisoned I wouldn't want to stick my hand in its cage. Guy most of knew nothing at all about Black Mambas when purchasing it.
  11. Wow man that's pretty messed up. Was he high or drunk or something? It's hard to believe that he showed it off so many times and it just bit him now. That sucks for your aunt and other family. Shitty and stupid way to die imo. R.I.P. nevertheless.
  12. as fucked up as it is i gotta say he got what he deserved
    people dont get venomous snakes as pets for a reason
  13. Imagine milking some of them and making poison darts
  14. thats gotta be one of the stupidest things ever.. i used to keep burmese pythons (i kept them til they got up around 8ft. then had to get rid) and even though they were both really great animals with amazing personalities that would never bite anyone, i still always handled them with extreme caution.. hell even when i would go snake hunting with my boy couple years ago in texas, we'd catch copperheads all day and handle those guys, but you can't trust any reptile at all. large reptiles and venomous ones will NEVER be tamed no matter how much you handle it.. especially a fucking black mamba. i'm hoping within the next couple years when i get my own place i'll start keeping reptiles again, i defintely wanna get back into large snake keeping. i bet my burms that i got rid of a year ago are at least 12ft. by now, ah i miss em hah

    but yea point of this, never trust any reptiles at all no matter how much you handle them. always take extreme caution.
  15. Fuck that, he didn't deserve to die. It was just a really stupid mistake/freak accident. There's only some certain types of people that deserve to die like terrorists, rapists, politicians, murderers, etc. But that's not cool to think about the recently passed like that.

    I never give these out, but -rep fo sho
  16. Coming from someone who's brother owns several poisionous snakes (i.e. 2 Arizona Rattlesnakes and an Asian Krait) that guy was NOT thinking.

    There are proper ways to handling a poisonous snake, such as wearing certain types of rubber gloves, using a Uprong..
    That sucks to hear your cosion got it, but I wonder what they did with the snake.
  17. "Black Mamba. I should've been motherfuckin' Black Mamba."

    -Kill Bill

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