Quite possible the funniest video ever created...

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  1. Al Gore stylin on my ass:smoke:
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzxOsH9yJ5g&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - AL GORE IN NBA JAM!!!![/ame]
  2. With the powers of the melting polar icecaps, gore has activated his magical gore hammer thus giving him x100 jump ability and x1000 win

    thug life

    edit: as you can see i have been:smoke:
  3. I didnt find it all that funny

    at all
  4. i imagine it would be really funny baked i guess...
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    Yes it was quite funny last night, seeing as i was super baked last night:smoke:. I couldn't comprehend how someone could play NBA jam, see that gore played for the suns, then think of Al Gore and go on a unbelievable montage of him:p
  6. at first I didn't get why it was funny, til he started dunkin on *****s lmao. The one he jumped completely out of the screen, and i'm not even high I just laugh at stupid shit. It's kinda like prince playin bball on the chappelle show
  7. I know hahaha, this shit is still hilarious:smoke:!

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