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  1. So I have been smoking everyday all day for about 6-8 years now and I have decided to stop because recently I haven’t felt good even when I was high. It’s now my second day and I haven’t ate anything since I stopped smoking. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions to help speed up the process of being able to eat again?
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    * Small meals more frequently (think 7 snacks a day instead of 2-3 meals).

    * Drink shakes

    * Exercise (especially any swimming or water sports available to you). All exercise, but swimming in particular--from personal experience and all the surfers/swimmers I know, produces ghrelin.

  3. None of this makes a lick of sense.
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  4. How? I smoked for so long my body got used to always being high and now that I’m not getting high I can’t eat. What don’t you understand lol
  5. Thank you
  6. I had a friend that went through this really bad. That you can't eat without marijuana is a sign that you're pretty reliant on it. Probably a good time for a break.
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  7. Try weaning yourself off of cannabis instead of going cold turkey.

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  8. Yeah I’m gritting for
    dp you think that would help more? I’m on my second day completely without it and it’s definitely been a struggle
  9. I doubt weaning yourself down is a good way to stop smoking but maybe you'll feel better if you only smoked once a day. Your appetite will return but you may not relish eating as much as you did when high. You're not going to starve so don't worry about eating.
  10. A lot are mentioning tapering which isn’t a bad idea. I prefer cold turkey because it will get the job done and the repercussions are no where near pharmaceuticals...

    I was an intensely heavy smoker so when I did my first cold turkey, the first week was shitty. Headaches, cold sweating, and no appetite. Oh yeah, vivid dreams. Remember that everyone is different! My appetite started slowly started coming back around day 4 but when day 7 hit, I was practically normal. Not craving the oral fixation of smoking something and no anxiety about needing to get high. That week felt like forever but it’s worth it!

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  11. Thanks man I’m trying to do cold turkey and it’s been hard so far but I definitely feel like it’s the best way to get off it for good
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