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Quit Weed? Or T-Break?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Brenkin, Jan 25, 2014.

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    Well I have a question for the GC community, and I hope some others have had similar experiences to me. 
    Recently, I've been thinking of putting down the bong. Forever.
    I just don't feel happy. I smoke every night and when I run out of weed I have anxiety over it, have trouble eating and sleeping, and I'm just generally bored when I'm sober. I really don't feel like I'm enjoying life when I'm sober, and that's seriously fucked up.  
    It's the hardest at night, because that's usually when I smoke. I'm bored the entire night all the way to the morning, and end up passing out at 5 AM because my body won't let me sleep any earlier than that.  
    Also, I'm broke. Like really broke. And even though I know my money is limited, I find that I'm spending money on weed when I know that I should be saving it. Whenever I get my hands on some cash, at least half of it is going to weed. 
    But on the other side, I'm scared about what will happen if I quit. A lot of my friends smoke, and I have constant opportunities to burn with them. They were my friends before we all starting smoking, but I still feel like I'll lose touch with them if I stop smoking. Also, I've spent money on glass and other accessories, I feel like all that money was a waste because now I don't even know if I want to smoke anymore.  
    Because of that, I've been thinking of taking an extended t-break (a month or two) to see what life would be like without weed. I've been smoking daily for months now, and I think it's starting to have a serious effect on my life. Maybe I'm just overreacting, what do you guys think? 
    Do you think I should take a t-break or just quit smoking all together?

  2. I had a similar situation once, mostly a financial issue, what I did was stop buying weed, let your friends know that you can't afford to smoke weed but you're perfectly fine with them burning you down, that way you can stay friends with them, cut down on the smoking, and save lots of moneySent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    Hey man, going on with your life is more important than toking up.
    Try and live a sober life, see what it's like. Like the guy above me said, explain to your friends that you really just can't afford to purchase anymore weed. I think once you get your financial situation fixed, you'll have been off the bud long enough to lower your tolerance anyways.
    If they're truly your friends, they should understand.
    Edit: I know your struggle. I've been sober for the past 11 days. I've gotten so desperate that I literally just tried to drink (which is a bad idea... I really hate being drunk, I find). Just push on through, I know it's incredibly boring... but maybe try to find a girlfriend! I remember quitting for this girl I really loved; even though I wasn't high, it was the best time of my life.
  4. If most of your money and attention in life is going to weed, you need to balance it out. That doesn't necessarily mean go to the other extreme and never touch it again because that will probably be equally frustrating. Sounds to me like all you need is more entertainment to keep your mind busy, that could be anything from taking up some sort of creative pursuit to simply setting aside some time to go for a daily walk and enjoy the sights and smells. 
    A T-break will be a win/win, if you decide to get back into it you'll get higher than you normally would and if you plan to keep off it you're already 1 month in to that goal.
    The major aim though is to have your life in balance with multiple things, if all you have is weed or no weed, you're always going to be tipping one way or the other. But if you have, say, weed, painting, a job, exercise, a lover, and an assortment of other things to keep you busy then if one of them falls over it's not such an life encompassing problem since you've other things to fall back on.
    Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best.
  5. it's your call buddy, personally I'm never putting down the pipe for any length of time unless I have to. Maybe a break would be good though as you could save up some money and see how it is not smoking for a bit
    I wouldn't say my entire attention is devoted to marijuana, but I do end up spending every night high. 
    I've decided to take a T-break, at least for a month so I can clear my head. I just need to focus on more pressing matters right now (education, financial situation, etc.), and honestly I don't think weed will aid me in that. Also, if in that time my financial situation gets better, I could always go back to smoking if I find that I can balance it out. 
    Thanks for all of the suggestions guys, I appreciate it. If anyone has any more though, feel free to post them.
  7. Start with a break then continue if you feel the need

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