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Quit tokin'

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mulli_melli, Jan 29, 2002.

  1. Has anyone ever quit tokin' for awhile. Just give the system a clean out etc. I know crew that do this every so often. But I can't seem to do it. Not even one day!!
  2. My home grown isn't ready yet. BUT today I was checkin' them out and one has started to FLOWER. Whoo-hoo I'm pretty excited because this is the first time I've grown buds!

  3. A long time ago due to a lack of weed i was sent into a forced break , not smoking for like two weeks sometimes(CRAZY!!!)...but them i'd get some buds and BAM!!
    ahhh baby what a I'll take a short break for a couple of days ( 4 is the limit ) and i get that great felling from cleaning out my system...but it only takes 3 days... anymore than that and your cheating yourself. Don't cheat yourself people SMOKE .....SMOKE.......SMOKE....
    stay safe everyone
  4. I quit for almost a year ~ it was hard for the first week, but after that I kept myself pretty occupied, and my brain did seem to clear up a little!
    But it is hard when you have no motivation except for sheer willpower, I probably won't quit again for that long for a long time... But for now, yeah I take a break every once in awhile about a week @ a time, give or take a few days.
  5. I'm concerned about school and stuff so i only smoke on weekends and holidays, so i go through that every week. The high's great though. Over the summer it wore down a bit.
  6. yeah I just woke up
  7. smoked any ganj since saturday afternoon. although i am planning to smoke too much tomorrow. all english classes are going to see the count of monte cristo..i heard it was a shitty movie so me and two buds (no pun intended) are smoking all day so excited because this is the longest ive gone without smoking since ive started :) i did cheat a little, i caught 2 PMLs yesterday, i had to smoke SOMETHING...well, off to occupy myself, peace

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