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quit tobacco mad easy by doing this

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by packbombs, May 23, 2010.

  1. hey guys. i just turned 19 3 days ago and i kinda dip too im trying to quit but its hard as shit. when im high, i think tobacco is gross and i wont even go near it bc its so gross. but when im sober, i love it. i think i can kick my tobacco addiction with weed!!!! haha if im high 24/7, i will never want dip!! im toasted as jeepers right now so excuse my ranting....i just wanna kno if anyone helse has discovered this tooo? im amazed by it
  2. try to see if 1 or two hits takes away your thing for tobacco and every time you feel like dipping go smoke and don't buy any more cans of dip
  3. Yea dipping is fucking disgusting esp if you dont use pouches
  4. i quit cigs with the ganj, it helped me immensely
  5. yeah, who'd wanna dip when you got cotton mouth, it'd be like shards of fiberglass shredding your lip....oh wait, it is that.
  6. "im toasted as jeepers right now"

  7. This.
    Stay faded whenever possible and DON'T BUY DIP.
  8. Yeah man, smoke weed instead of tobacco.

    I used to dip, and I occasionally smoke cigs too. I wish I had enough money so that whenever I wanted to smoke a cig I could just light up a joint.

    Kudos for you for trying to quit tobacco.
  9. Yeah I used to smoke weed and cigarettes, but one day when I was high, I was am i doing, cigarettes are so nasty. Ever since then I havent bought em'. I only smoke a cigarette while drinking or working on cars. so, One cig a week. Ive noticed im happier and not tired always

  10. No its not theres no fiberglass in chew hate it when i here that theres fiberglass do you no how bad that would hurt it would be worse then cutting your lip with a knife so do a little research and stop spreading lies :wave:
  11. dippn is kinda dirty to be honest. ya shouldnt do it unless you wanna be like my friend and not have the part under his tongue lol! but yes ganja curbs nicotine for me except for newports. they are a addiction all in their own
  12. ya man this thread caught my eye because i've been a pack-a-day smoker now for a few years and would like to quit, but the cravings drive me mad, and im so used to random shit happening throughout each day and just having a smoke to ease it or take my mind off shit like having to walk or drive, or being busy at work and shit
  13. its just the opposite for me actually
    i have to have a menthol right after i smoke
    i just gotta have it or i don't know, bad things could happen
  14. When I'm sober tobacco is 'ok', when I'm high tobacco is 'the shit'

  15. Exactly how i feel too

    When im not smoking the green ill smoke 5-10 cigs through out the day.
    Give me green for the day and ill smoke that pack in 4 hours with no hassle
  16. tobacco is gross...inless your super bored and want something to puff on then yeh its ok.......i guess i do it sometimes.
  17. weed really does make it easy to quit, ive done it before. though i still smoke a pack of newports a day... hahahaha and also i smoke wayyyy more cigs when im tripping, or on pills, and really coke lol ill smoke like 1 pack every hour
  18. just got expelled for dipping in class....
  19. i found it sooo much easier to quite smoking cigs, it did cost a pretty penny for the grass(7-8 js a day) for awhile but after a week or so i got back down to my normal amount and the $6.15/day i spent on smokes go into the bud fund:D
  20. lmao when duty calls, call of... nvm.

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