Quit Smoking?

Discussion in 'General' started by TrippieJ81, Sep 27, 2002.

  1. Im just curious to see the different responses by all of you. Here it is now about 1 1/2 years ago I quit smoking ciggs. Now I spent half of my life smoking ciggs and about 5 yrs smokin pot(10 yrs ciggs and 5 herb). Now most of the herb smokers I know also smoke ciggs. Is this case everywhere else? I have been smoke free for a while and have enjoyed the extra space my lungs had to offer. Also I hear people mixing baccy wit herb well frankly even when I did smoke I would find this rather wastefeul but thats my opinion.

    Trippie J
  2. I agree. cigs are bad.

  3. I use to smoke never liked to much it was easy for me to quit. Now I have to quit dipping its a bad and nasty habit ive been doing since I was 14 now Im 17 !
  4. I'm 37 and just took up smoking, I love it. My aunt got me into smoking cigs so I got her into smoking ganja
  5. I never smoked cigs cause my older brother (8 years older) told me when i was very young that if he ever caught me doing it he'd make me smoke 20 packs in a row to the point i wouldn't be able to stop throwing up (continous dry heaves)

    mixing tobac & weed is a spliff it gets you high and delivers the head rush of tobacco. kind of like a black and mild high that lasts.
  6. yea alot of the ppl i know smoke a few bowls then smoke ciggs. they claim it gives them more of a high or a little buzz.
    i hate ciggs. i have no problem with others smoking them, i just personally dont see the point.
    toke toke toke, it actually does something.
  7. I started smoking the ganja before cigs, but in college it almost became a neccesity to smoke cigs. We used it to mask the scent of cannabis. Plus, we couldn't smnoke in the dorm rooms, so we had to smoke outside in the middle of campus. A ciggerette was always a nice thing to have after a joint because ten to one the cops were going to show up and if you were smoking a cig, they typically figured it was too late and wouldn't hassle you.

    Also, we discovered that if you took a parliament cig and removed the tabacco, ripped the filter out and then restuffed it, beyond the scent, no one could tell it wasn't a ciggerette.
  8. Dont like cigarettes. I only talk about trying to smoke ganja less. =)


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