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Quit smoking weed? Why?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 0huefe, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Bet you a girl he's gonna leave in a month anyways..probably less..

  2. Thank ya sir.
  3. i had a similar situation my friend who enjoys the herb says he cant smoke anymore because of his stupid bitch and also the fact that he has his head stuck up her asshole so far that hes beyond help yet after saying that he calls me up a few weeks later and says hes really pissed off and angry and he told me before he needs weed when he gets really mad because of course it relaxes and calms him down. anyways he calls and is like hey man im really pissed you got any bud and it just so happens i had around a gram anyways we smoked got really high had a crazy time and i think he will prob smoke more in the future win win win for marijuana my point is fuck his stupid bitch and enjoy sweet sweet may jane.

  4. how is the hand treating you these days?
  5. honestly im a smart smoker i dont smoke alot where it controls me basically i give myself a weekly spending limit for weed and most of the time i dont even have money because i have no job. right now i smoke twice a week 5 times if i have a large sum of money, but usually i cap it at 50 bucks a week. sometimes a quarter if i have had a bad weekend
  6. It's expensive and can limit your job opportunities. Does he have a girlfriend? A couple weeks ago a guy posted how he can't get it up when he smokes. Maybe that's why he won't talk about it, lol.
  7. Depersonalization Disorder is a good indicator that one should lay off weed.

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