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Quit smoking weed? Why?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 0huefe, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. My buddy that got me started blazing is now saying he's "quitting, done forever". Like I said before he got me started, I hateddd all drugs, never done anything but blazed, hookah and cigars (tobacco products are still 'drugs'). Anyways I just picked up an 8th and offered to smoke him out, but he says he's quitting...and I respect that, but I want a reason! He won't give me a reason, he avoids the question and fuckin changes the topic. He does E, and bars occasionally, drinks a lot at parties and the thing he chooses to quit is weed? HA! Dumbass...
    Any reasons why would you quit smoking weed, GC?
  2. Probation maybe? Parents drug test?
  3. I'd stop if it were bad for me or it was negatively affecting my life. But it helps with my health and very positively affects my life. So nope!
    Quitters never win.
    Winners Never quit.
  4. Not probation lol, but maybe his parents? But I know his parents would've told mine since we chill a lot, and they would suspect I'd be blazing honestly, I don't think thats the reason!
  5. if he does e and pills then weeds not the same high it used to be. which is y i have always stayed with bud.

  6. I don't agree with that quote at all...
    Quitting weed doesn't mean you'll never "win" aha. But I do think quitting weed instead of E, pills and alcohol is just preposterous.
  7. Yeah that is weird.

    And kind of stupid.
  8. I don't know who cares,
    but I sure don't

  9. then don't post here ahahah
    i was asking a simple question, don't need your idiotic post to answer it.

  10. Calvin & Hobbes....fuck ya:smoke:
  11. He's 18..still in high school, doesn't plan on going to college, and he's a moron. I tutor him all the time, not much of a future so far...
  12. i quit because police told me to
  13. legal trouble, parental trouble, relationship trouble, societal trouble, schizophrenic, dehydration, weak lungs, doesn't like you?
  14. There are lots of reasons to quit. I would just respect his choice and leave him alone about it, but thats just me. Blazing just doesnt fit into everyones life style. I quite for about 6 years when I decided to go to college and turn my life around. At that time, I didnt think I could do both. Maybe I could have, maybe not, but it worked out well for me. When I started back, I was a much more grounded individual and dont let it effect my life negatively.
  15. pretty sure we're chill...we hangout a lot haha.
    he has no gf, maybe societal problems....

  16. Bravo. Great fuckin' post!!
    Thats inspiring me to take a break...:hello:

  17. I was speaking of your friend,
    well, I currently don't smoke because

    I'm currently using my money for things I have a stronger passion for
    I was having troubles with my lungs so I've been appreciating having them in a better state
    I tuck some funds away for a vaporizer every now and then
    I'm spending time doing other things.
  18. If I had to quit for an extended time
    I could but I wouldn't like it. I don't drink anymore and living sober is stressful and boring. So stay baked

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