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quit smoking over a month now

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mietoe, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. well its been a long time. for both puffing the herb and for posting on this site! mustve been a couple years since ive been active at the city. anyhow, i decided to snoop around this morning and i thought id share my recent quitting experience. i quit smoking the ganj about 7 weeks ago. then a month ago, to the day actually, i went to jail for a dui. a crock if you ask me, as i was parked with the keys out of the ignition when i was "pulled over"... but i handled my scandal and wouldnt incriminate myself, and wouldnt blow. deputy douchebag even tried searching my car without permission, and when i spoke up is when they put me under custody.

    anywho, enough of that crap. so i guess im lucky i didnt have anything illegal in the car. so a few days after that i was headed to maine for a little vaca with a buddy of mine, so i took a few hits with him. but its been almost a month now clean, and only once in the past 7 weeks or so. i really have no reasoning to quit, just giving myself some time away. if they want to piss test me in court atleast ill have clean urine.

    So this is the longest (the 7 weeks mind you) that ive gone in atleast 5 years or so. my lungs still suck because i smoke cigs and really need to kick that habbit. what i have noticed, probably the only thing ive really noticed, is that i remember dreams just about every night. and very vividly! its quite strange, kind of annoying, as sleep was the only time i got away from thinking totally and now i dont even have that. Im wondering, does anyone else notice that after they take a couple weeks off?

    So, Im in no rush to smoke. Reading some of the posts around here makes me miss it a little more, but still no rush. I'm pretty much going to TRIP balls when I do smoke again.

    Anyhow, its nice to finally show my face on here again. Keep keepin on.
  2. I'm about to start my first tolerance break I've ever had since I started smoking today, so I'll join you :) Been smoking daily for about 6 months, a gram or so a day. I just got done loaning out my grinder and pieces so I don't have the urge at all. Going to start again around mid-September, probably. Good luck! And keep it up :D
  3. and good luck to you dtchi! enjoy your dreams! hahaha!
  4. yep--i get this too, *and* i can tell you why. smoking weed interferes with your REM cycles and other aspects of sleep; it's not dangerous or necessarily "worse," just different. ESPECIALLY if you smoke before bed, it's really difficult to remember your dreams.

    so when you STOP smoking, you remember your dreams very vividly. for some people this goes away after days/weeks, for some people months.

    i took an eight week or so tolerance break myself, prior to getting weed last week--i still remember a lot of my dreams, though.

    good luck with your break :)
  5. i see. i figured it was related, as its happen to me on other shorter breaks.

    (now i dont understand why no one has said, "hey man, sorry about your dui. that sucks!" well yeah it does thanks ill be fine. :) )
  6. Sorry about your dui man! That sucks! :(

    It should be interesting to remember a dream for once..
  7. ha! yeah thanks. no biggie. clean record thus far.

    i know right, everytime i quit for like a week to ten days or more, i start remembering parts of them everynight really vividly. crazy shit happens man.
  8. I think its because your sleeping habits (duration, wake up time) are the same but your REM cycling is different on-or-off pot and you just hit the roulette table of waking up more often during REM as opposed to the other possibilties. :wave:
  9. Whats up everyone.
    Really sucks about the DUI bro.
    i am goin to take a T-break real soon as well.! haha i smoke about a gram a day. i am thinkin i will stop for about a month until my 1st grow is ready! gonna get fuckin blazed. haha
    i miss dreams!!!! hahaha
  10. A gram a day...

    I pack a gram a bowl, I think I need a t-break, not you, you just need to smoke more :hello:
  11. Marijuana does not stop dreams, what it stops (rather, hinders) is your ability to remember them. The reason you are having such clear and vivid dreams is because you can finally wake up in the morning and go "oh shit that was an odd dream..."
    I have had similar experiences of taking a break from smoking and having powerful dreams.

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