Quit smoking cigs everybody.

Discussion in 'General' started by Durchii, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. Well, I got sick of it. They were ruining my health and I couldnt run or jog for shit. So i have put down the cigarretes and im not looking back. Although this thread isn't just to TELL you about it.. Anyone who has quit or is considering quitting smoking tobacco please post in this thread.

    Your lungs are worth it. ;)
  2. Hey man, congrats. I too just quit, I have been cigarette free for 3 months, no more cravings or anything.
  3. I used to occasionaly (socially) smoke Clove ciggarettes which was harsh but not anymore; strickly weed. I always shoot a fake bullet at my friend who smokes who is younger than me. "PICKOW! Dodged another one!"
  4. i need all the support i can get i to am trying to quit cgarettes and strickly weed!
  5. Ive been thinkin about quiting for a while now, but i only smoke between like 2-5 a day now as opposed to the pack i used to smoke. Ill probably quit for good in a couple of years :smoke:
  6. think about ur lungs stop procrastinating and just quit they are the dirtiest and stupidest thing a human being could do.................................
  7. I smoke ciggs and I've thought of quitting but its not happening anytime soon. Newport 100's are just too damn tastey after smoking.
  8. The last five packs I have bought were the "last pack", sigh...
  9. yuck newports, i hate menthol. but anyways. yeah cigs are bad, i quite for a while. now i occationally have a swisher after a few bong rips.

  10. haha mine were my "maybe last pack" i'm unhealthy, i should stop, but can't...damn, maybe this is my last only...11 cigarettes left..
  11. Yeah Yeah, a month ago I started smoking them again... I was smoke free for about 1.5-2 months... then I started again. It's crazy how they get ahold of you. ...... Every time I get sick I quit smoking them no problem, cuz I just want my cold to cure as fast as possible so I'm not even thinking about cigs. so next time I'm sick I'm going to quit those fucking horrible things for good, on my own too. I'll do it for myself, I can't even sing in my car anymore when I'm driving alone. lol so yea, next time I'm sick I'm dropping the habbit 4 good!

    good thread too. Hey does anybody else enjoy weed more now that they have quit smoking cigs?? Cuz when I quit, the weed would hit me a lot harder. Anyone else notice that?
  12. lol, its ironic that there's a thread in here that tells people to stop smoking cigs, and yet it condones the smoking of marijuana....haha, im high, and I just thought that was funny.

    but anyways, i do realize that the two are entirely different things, and i congratulate those of you who quit, and those who tried to quit. i really think cigs are the nastiest habit that you can have. also, mj wouldn't be harmful because you aren't going through all the chemicals that are in cigs, plus you're not smoking 20 j's in a day....hopefully.
  13. Ive been trying to quite every monday but its soooo hard. I could quit if people around me did not smoke but my ride for work smokes so it makes it reall really hard to quit. im only going to be working for a couple of weeks more so i think what i m going to do it either waite till im done working and then quite or ill try to quit again this monday.............. you know what i noticed is that i was chewing altoids gum and i wasent getting any cravings...... it was when the gum was all flavored out and my jaw had something to do it guess i dident really have craveings when people around me smoked but i smoked a cig anyways just i decided im not going to quit during the week....only mondays....whenever i am tyring to quite cigerrets i really really want to smoke weed.
  14. same :(
  15. When you try quiting try quiting on a Monday it helps.
  16. lol mate, i love ure little kermit thing, i just rolled a zoot now and i pulled that exact same face when it all dropped out of my grinder, hehe.
  17. A lot of my friends smoke cigarettes but I always ask why. It's a nasty habbit if you ask me. I don't care much for the taste, they smell bad, and if your addicted then you have to do it...

    I wonder how well it would work if some where to buy a fat sack and replace an entire pack of cigarettes with cigajoints and smoke those as an alternative...
  18. i quit last year.
  19. smoking cigs is dangerous.... Any good sniper can see a hot cherry from over a mile away.

    i dont want to get any unexpected lead anytime soon.
  20. haha thats funny shit.

    I smoke and I love to smoke, the only way I could quit smoking if i could just smoke weed all day.... so until then imma keep smoking, because I could get hit my a car tomorrow so i might as well indulge.

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