Quit My Job For My Internship And Now My Boss Is Leaving :/

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  1. I have a major problem. I am a junior in college and the only part-time jobs I've worked were cleaning jobs since they paid more. I am tired of doing cleaning jobs. I recently just quit my last part-time job at night since I have 4 summer classes (fast paced) and an internship. Now here's the fucked up part... My boss knew of my issues because she just graduated herself back in 2011 and I told her I was thinking about quitting my part-time job to have more time for school work since I go to the internship too. Come to find out, she's leaving the first week on July and I planned on staying there till the end of July. Didn't tell me this until today and I was like wtf. I just feel like toking and my boyfriend's parents are leaving for a week in the next 2 weeks and I just want to get so high and smoke my troubles away.
    I was so dedicated to my internship and quit my part-time job for it and now I am stuck again. Trying to look for another job but it seems like cleaning jobs are the only route and I am sick of it. I want to do a job that's a bit more meaningful instead of the same old thing. Can't find anything else and I don't want to deal with shitty customers in customer service. I just wish I could of worked more from the beginning to make more money for school.. Idk It's just a fucking mess! :/
    She did give me the option to stay and go once a week after she leaves but I'm like fuck that since she just told me this today. How can I do the work if there is no one there? Especially with the fact they have to find someone to replace her.

    Unfortunately, you'll learn that this is quite common in the corporate world.  Bosses come and go, with seemingly little or no advance warning.  The last job I accepted I did so mainly because of the person who hired me and the prospect of being trained by that person, but within only two or three months that person left for bigger and better things.  You can't blame them for it.  Everyone has to do what's in his or her best interest.
  3. Why are cleaning jobs your only option?  Just apply to better jobs
    Unless you don't have proper documentation or something
  4. I picked cleaning jobs because of the schedule (evening) since my school only offers morning classes which makes it hard to find a decent job with a block schedule since I have so many classes. It just sucks that I quit for her to leave :/
  5. you should stick with the internship for awhile after her departure. you can then add  tolerance and self-reliance for personal qualities. Stay resilient a little while longer until you find a new part-time. I worked at Panera while attending university and only prepared/made orders, hardly spoke most of the time because I was tired. 

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