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Quit my Job after 3.5 Days

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Husky42, Jun 11, 2011.

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    When a person gets a new job, no matter how bad that person needs money.. If that person has absolutely zero enthusiasm, zero like or desire to get up and go in, zero heart for the job -- It is best to quit right?

    I was working at Autozone for a few days and the job just did not fit me or my personality at all. I spent the last several years getting Emergency Management certification so I could help people in times of need.

    I understand work is hard to get in this economy and already some people have been like shocked I quit. But I have no regrets and to me, that makes me feel like I made the right decision.

    You guys ever do anything similar?

    I mean fuck.. i had no desire to go after the fist training day in which they told us all about the company. My bills all get paid, i have food. Only real thing I need cash for is gas.
  2. But now you have less money to buy weed. Son, I am disappoint.
  3. No, and I wouldn't.

    Most jobs suck, money is money.
  4. I would if I REALLY hated the job. But I would at least secure another one before quitting.

  5. But I have lots of weed in reserve...probably enough to last me 3 or 4 mths.

  6. Well if you have lots of reserve weed, you probably have a decent cushion to support yourself right?

    If that's the case, I suppose quitting the job isn't that bad if you REALLY REALLY hated it.

    If you're in dire need of money though, it's another story.

  7. Sure most jobs suck if you lack education and qualification. (not saying you do I'm saying they typically do)

    However, fuck money being money.. Happiness is far more rewarding then being totally unhappy.

    Plus there is always a way to make a few bucks over the summer if i decide to find another job.
  8. This.

    And like the others said, money is money, but if you really didn't like it and you didn't need the money too badly, then no big deal.
  9. I think life is a bitch and your going to have to do things you dont like to make it. Shoulda grew a pair and kept the job. It was autozone how bad can if be..... Now you can complain about having no money and look for a new job.....
  10. I hate my job, I still do it though. If you don't wanna work, don't work. But then don't complain about how you don't have money for weed/gas/other shit. Not saying you are, but I know a lot of peole who quit good jobs just because they didn't like it, and now they're fucked and broke.
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    Oh nah, man its not like that I could sell a few things and have a lil cash quick easy if i wanted to. And i mean its not stuff i use or need.. I just sold some firewood i cut down so i could buy some nutes and gas. And if I really needed to other patients would donate to help me out.

    My rent and food is all taken care of, all my bills are paid 6 mths in advance for the most part and with my girls going into 12/12 in a week at a friends.

    Nah, like I mean i have plenty of bud and that was never a concern.

    My biggest issue is dental and this place had shitty as dental for full timers and i'd have to sludge through 3 mths of work just to get it. - I'd rather sludge through 3 mths of work to get good benefits not ones comparative to the crap i saw in highschool.

  12. It really just depends on your individual situation. If you don't need the money, fuck it, why bother working if you don't have to and it makes you happy.

    If you're a broke-ass with no job, no bitch, no car, and no bud though, I can guarantee you that you wouldn't be too happy.
  13. Putting off what's unwanted only lead's to not wanting to do anything.
  14. I'm sure you were high when you made that decision.
    Well, you fucked up
  15. If the moneys good I'll love the job

  16. Why would I have been high at work? That would be pretty fucking stupid in its own right considering

    And trust me the money was not "right" I can shit out $80 Untaxed in a few hours in vs the $72 taxed i made in a day at AZ.

  17. This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, at least it does not match my philosophy.

    Putting off what is wanted for what is unwanted only leads to dis-satisfaction and ultimate failure... Work a job for 6 mths and then quit, work it for 3 days and then quit.. the end result is still going to be the same.

  18. From here you look like sort of a bitch, but I'm going to be as impartial as I possibly can.

    I think you're being a bit too picky, and I think just the fact that you got a job is impressive for someone who went to school for "emergency management" (whatever that means). I think you should have stuck with it at least while simultaneously hunting for a better offer.

    And money is always useful dude. Even if you don't need it now, you're gonna need it eventually - unless you're rich/on the academic road to financial freedom.

    If nothing else, the extra cash woulda been useful for the ganja :smoke:,
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    Whatever that means? lol You must be smoking too much shit.

    I had came off a $32 an hour Job Offer with FEMA Region 10. - FEMA just laid of a ton of people and cancelled a huge part of the positions they were hiring for.

    I would have moved into a CRO Management position within the region if the offer was not removed like had happened with so many Federal jobs recently.

    "Emergency Management" is a generic term used to describe what ultimately is a broad field. One in which I'm a certified manager with FEMA and the Dept of Homeland Security.

    Impressive that I could get a job with TWO AA degrees and my certification?

    It had better fucking been a no brainier for them to want to hire me at the time.

    Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security - Each state has its individual EM this is CT's

    Not really trying to be a dick, but you fucking acted like a cunt when your little "emergency management" comment. The certification is quite grueling with high academic requirement. I graduated with a 3.96 and like I also said, while working on my certs I also received not only an AAS but I also earned a standard Arts AA Transfer.

    This Job would have been the first time I've worked for under $13 an hour in over 11 years.. Fuck that.
  20. I have never quit a job after 3.5 days, but I have after 3 weeks. I was like 18 at the time though, I hated the job it was filing papers in filing cabinets for 8 hours straight, I just couldn't take it. If the job isn't for you, then it's not for you. If you aren't starving on the street, I think your choice was probably O.K. I think you'll make it :smoke:

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