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Discussion in 'General' started by ArtemisRain, Sep 2, 2008.

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  1. maybe I'm just on a stoned rant but seriously people quit complaining about threads posted over and over again. This forum doesn't have any other method of communication besides posting. There's bound to be threads lost in the giant mess. Stop complaining about double topics and find a real solution.
  2. This is at least the 5th thread in a few weeks complaining about how people like to complain about repeats.
  3. your complaining about complaining...kinda hyprocritical dont cha think?
  4. I lol'd hard
  5. how bout you stop complaining about complaining about threads about complaining

    wait.. what
  6. yea I think I have some built up angst because there's no shoutbox *shrug* I wonder how many threads are made and buried every day.

    Edit: if I pissed you off, don't worry this thread will be burried tomorrow.
  7. Stop complaining about complaining.
  8. Ok, ok. I think the OP gets the message. This is the wrong forum anyways. -Trikky
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