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quik question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by IN33dW33D, May 9, 2011.

  1. ive been buying weed from my freind forever, the usual is 20$ for a nug, which is decent, and good quality, but she got a new hookup and sais she can get me nugs for 15$ now, but is uncertain about the quality.
    should i continue buying decent qual nugs for 20 or unknown qual for 15?:confused:
  2. buy unknown and see which is better for the price then decide which to keep buying
  3. Go for it, don't be a pussy and back out now. You'll regret it.
  4. thats what im intending on doing, but id hate to get some dirt when i could get decent skunk for 5$ more.
    i think ill take the chance.
  5. when you look back on your life do you wanna be proud of the chances you took or feel regret over those you didnt?
  6. So you buy your weed by "nugs"? So if I hand you a nug that weighs .2 you'll give me 20$?
  7. its not an exact measurement but its usualy a good sized chunk of good qual weed.
    my freind wouldent rip me off also.
  8. if they aint scalin then you dont get it..................
  9. Dude faded, the more posts of yours i read the more i like you.
    Bromance initiated.

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