Quieter Lights?

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  1. This is actually regarding my houseplants and succulents... I'm using three of the 1000w versions of these:

    They're great and the plants love them, but the fans are so loud and these plants are in our living room, so the noise is a problem. Are there any good alternatives to these that would be significantly quieter?
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  2. most quantom boards do not have fans .
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  3. You can also do some t8 led bulbs . Something like these . https://www.lightup.com/t8-led-4ft-...uEdg0SAl0kc7kx2_9Or0l3kmWKMXTJPoaAj_yEALw_wcB You can get a fisture for a hardware store for 20 or so bucks . They will spread a lot more side lighting . Its easy on the eyes as well . Really these are they way to go for house plants . Put them a few feet over the top of the plants . In cannabis they need to be 6 inchs . But house plants they will grow just fine .
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  4. That’s definitely cost effective. I’ll see if I can find a fixture that’s doesn’t scream “shop light”!
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    That is not a 2000 watt light .,,,,,,
    Cree/Cob are not the most efficient LED's on the market
    That lights specs/and model is very misleading.
    I have been making Led grow lights for years, Using the Cree/Cob and the Samsung LED's.
    The average TRUE cost of a assembled Samsung LED's grow light is about a buck a watt.
    As far as I know every LED grow light maker is using COB technology. COB= Chip On Board ............
    Also COB is a LED Maker .
    DIY assembling COB grow lighting is expensive. I made 3 lights at 175 watts each at the cost of 3.50 $ per watt

    Last part is 2000w divided by 35 watts per square foot of grow space that one light will covers 57 square feet grow space.!
    That is almost 2 4x8 tents . Ya I am saying that is total BS.
    I make my own lights, First would be HLG Horticulture lighting group, mainly for their quantum 2V 288 R spec boards and heat sinks , to build a LED Light that has passive cooling.
    Second would be King bright LED's from Albaba.
    Third would be spider farm

    The lights your buying are not 2000w lights ....... Use a Par meter and see what they pull at the wall,
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  6. ...and my Migrows, I got 2 of the 8's in the top left background here: ..worth every cent
    I hope to include watermelon this year, the vine lying on top of the pots...maybe lol
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  7. Yes that light is a 220 watt light with veg and bloom switch's both on.
    It's not a 2000 watt light.
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  8. For houseplants and succulents I'd suggest a cheap LED shop light from Walmart in a 5000k color. I grew some fine Tiny Tim tomatoes using one fixture for 3 plants in 5 gallon pots. I believe I paid under $20.00 for the last one I purchased.
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  9. If your looking at T8 / T5 / go for High output / High Bay lighting in 6500K. Don't bother with anything else in Tubes. It'll be one in the display you can't look directly at.

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