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  1. Hi guys

    Last piece of gear I'll need before I start is a exhaust fan for a 4x4

    Dont mind paying a little extra for a qaulity fan that's quiet.

    Opinions on a fan controller?
    Worth it to try and maintain the temp differential between lights on and lights off?
  2. Fan mechanical noise isn't that loud - it's the air moving and vibration that creates the most sound. Acoustic ducting and hanging your fan on bungeee cords will reduce noise no end. After that you can box your fan in to reduce fan noise further. Most fans are much and the same in terms of noise, yes can get fancy so called silent fans but like i say the air moving in the first place is the loudest thing and hardest to quiet.

  3. Ok thanks
    Any recommendations on a qaulity unit?
    Reviews on Amazon seem to be all over the map.
  4. I've used quite a few but depends on budget and where you are I guess cus im in Europe.

    Sileo RVK, RUCK fans etc are the industry standard. Cheap, and reliable. Other thing re size - over size your fan and then turn it down. A 8inch fan at turned down will be quieter than a 6" fan moving the same amount of air.

    They are loud fans. No getting around the noise issue - as i say box the fans off and acoustic ducting, bungeees and noise should be silent enough. I vent outside and nearest property is about 8ft from where i pump.....no noise at all unless stood with ear to the vent. Thats a run of acoustic ducting of like 15ft ish after the fan but before the exit too.

  5. Thanks man.
    I'm in Canada but I'll have a look at those brands.

    Any thoughts on a controller?
    Is it really needed??
  6. Fan speed controllers are a big time saver. I used to have to trek down to my grow space to tuen the fans down at lights out as too cold during lights out. Theyre a time saver as are temp controllers for radiators
  7. Exhaust fans are only quiet at low speed. Advice is buy bigger and run it low speed. Go for 8 in. Buy a good unit and run it with a dimmer. And install it as Thenaturalwaytoroll said.
  8. I was looking at one that had a night and day feature. My only concern is if the temp drops below the minimum setting and the fan turns off I would loose my ventilation. Not sure that would be the best thing it you need to turn over the air every couple minutes.
  9. Bungee cord soo cool very nice advice.
  10. Personally i'd stay away of those unit with programmable board. You know its only a matter of time before they break. And like you said you loose your vent.
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    There IS someone on here that has a VERY nice, black, in-line fan.
    A GOOD one.
    I commented on it some months ago; I'll see if I can find it.
    Nope... I must have skipped over it.
    I remember that it was black, kinda bullet-shaped, and of obvious quality.
    The name was on it and I went to their site, but I can't remember.....
  12. You set a minimum speed with them. Like i know with mine that as long as its runs at at least 5% power I maintain negative pressure in my grow area. Any less than that and the old heater needs to click on.
  13. Works well for oscillating fans too but you need to tie a few and create a sort of web to keep them in position.

    Noisiest thing in my grow room is a dehumidifier and I now hang that from some bungees to. Wouldnt believe how quiet it is in the room next door, its only when you open the door you get hit with the sound of moving air.
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  14. Ah ok.
    I didnt realize there was a minimum setting.

  15. Depends on which fan speed controller. Again, not sure what brands you have out there. I use a Ram Air Pro and its decent but the thermometer is out by about 1c, I just adjust accordingly. Quality ones are good, you wont get the humming with them.

    Good luck.
  16. Bungee cords that's actually a great idea kudos
  17. Yeh it's its good. The strecthy scrog nets you can buy are useless for actually scrogging (holes too large), but they are perfect for stretching out well above the canopy and then hanging things from including fans, thermometers, scissors and bits and bobs you need to hand all the time.

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