quiet fan for carbon filter? (PC BOX)

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by SkysDaLimit420, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Hey, im looking for a quiet fan for my pc growbox. I have the case in my room and I want it to make very little noise.

    would a TD100 or TD100X work?
  2. alll fans will be pretty loud as far as inlines go
  3. I would think that an inline fan would generate to much noise that it would be considered undesirable for your grow, which I'm following by the way. I am currently building my own PC case and I am currently looking for a solution to your current and my future problem. I was considering running two same-size fans, 80mm-80mm ect. back to back running through the C-filter. I doubt that I'll get that stage anytime soon though...
  4. Hey go to google an type in zen style carbon filter or simply search this forum an look in bongsauces cabinet thread , it's full of info !! He also uses these Zen style homemade filters as well as myself an they work fine with a decent pc fan ! If you check out a thread I made on my pc grow you will be able to see them also ! Hope this is somewhat helpful peace out
  5. just use a 120mm with a static pressure of like 1.2mm2O + the higher the better. you can get really quiet 1.3mm2o 17db for like $10 and 2.54mm2o 20db fans for $15-30 if you check around.. Try the nexus fan i think its like 1.24mm2O and check newegg or tigerdirect

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