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  1. My mom was telling me one night a while ago about her friend that overdosed on quids years ago and I asked her what quids where and she said she didn't know. Do any of you? The spelling might be different btw, I was just guessing. I've searched google and erowid and the closest match was salvia but that didn't seem right to me.

  2. They're a form of currency in the UK.
  3. Yea I knew that but i'm pretty sure this guy didn't just ingest a bunch of money.
  4. Why are you asking, the answer is right there?
  5. Perhaps she was meaning to say qualudes..a popular pill back in the day..kinda like xanax..but stronger
  6. yea probly qualudes, old timers are always talkin about them,
  7. I'm putting my money on quaaludes
  8. this thread reminds me of almost famous which kicks ass
  9. Yea that's probably it. Thanks ;)

    edit: I just asked her again and it was qualudes.
  10. Yeah, I doubt he died from an oral administration of Salvia divinorum. If he did, must of been one hell of a trip!

    Anyway, Sorry to hear about your Mom's loss. Pills= not nice.

    ( I'm going to get a bunch of Percs and E pills in like half an hour, lol).

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