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"QuickScreen: At Home DRUG TEST: Marijuana" Help??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ayesia, May 5, 2016.



  1. Bleach in the cup

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  2. Drink a shot of vinegar

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  3. Take more than recommended B12 vitamins

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  4. Use my dog/cats pee

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  5. Buy a cleaner kit from Tobacco Express

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  1. #1 ayesia, May 5, 2016
    Last edited: May 5, 2016
    So i have been doing quite a bit of research today because yesterday I was at school, pulled into the office, given a Field Sobriety Test and failed due to my blood pressure being high. With no other option (trust me Ive explored the legal issues very thoroughly) I will have to provide a piss test of some sort. I am in college at a private university and I signed a sobriety agreement form hence the scholarship and massive worry. To be honest, I was high but they did not find anything on me except hypertension. Because Im kinda poor I couldnt go do the blood analysis and urinalysis at the hospital the recommended me and they refused to pay for the test but now the only way to prove myself innocent is to have this marijuana piss test passed. I have a lot riding on me passing because if I fail I'll have go to alternative schooling, have my scholarship revoked, and my reputation down the drain with prospective scholarship providers as everyone will find out because I wont be at school. I have read that a couple drops of bleach in some pee, colored by a B complex after diluting with water, will work. Can I trust this method? I am 5'4, 124 lbs, with a 28 in waist , I believe I have a regular metabolism as I do not gain weight very easily and have stayed 124 for about 4 months now and I do not eat very much usually too. I am a regular toker (a blunt to wake up, eat an apple at lunch, and eat a regular dinner.) and I have spent all day today drinking bottles of water and inhaling cranberry pills, B12s, and taking a pee about every twenty minutes. I have the QuickScreen At Home Drug Test from Walgreens,any help? I have to test like tonight or tomorrow
  2. Soph in High School?
    Please edit out the "Other drug" mentioned, it is against site policy.
  3. No im in college
  4. Can't sub with someone else's pee?
  5. Nope all my friends are stoned as easter island heads, always. But i will have privacy if theres any other methods out there that are surefire
  6. So you're gonna throw away your scholarship to get high? IMO, you need to re-think things.....good luck.

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