Quickfix synthetic urine...seemin' sketchy

Discussion in 'General' started by shroomiin, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Hey guys... So I know quickfix is the gold standard for fake piss, and everyone claims it will always pass.

    This shit looks super clear- almost like water but there is a slight yellow tinge to it. Is this normal? Is this how it always looks? Also not too many bubbles when shaken. I already checked, it is not any of the batches which were recalled.

    I am not skeptical of quickfix as a brand, more skeptical of the headshop I purchased it from. They were selling the larger 3oz bottle for 20 bucks (29.99 normally? 39.99 for this large size?). The dude charged me no tax and gave me no receipt. That was the first red flag.

    Other than that the package was shrink wrapped, and included all the normal shit that comes with quickfix. There was no seal on the bottle itself other than the cap. Is this normal?

    I have used another brand before which passed but I wanted to use quickfix this time because i'm being offered a super good job opportunity and don't want to fuck it up. Any input?
  2. it did come with a "spectrum labs" heat pack as well.

    Its just to me, this stuff looks like water compared to the other brand I used previously.
  3. [​IMG]

    Lookit this shit....

    Is this what quickfix looks like?
  4. Thats what mine looked like.
  5. Did it to.Come with a heat pack? That's what my bottle looked like! I took my test for Wal-Mart high af and passed with it
  6. really that clear?

    Yea mine came with a heat pack. Its just other brands I have tried were darker... And when I look up pictures of QF online its all much darker as well.

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