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Quickfix plus 6.2 failed

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Rabidbeaver, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Just a heads up everyone. I purchased a bottle of Qf plus today. I heated it up per instructions, crouched it and went to take a pre employment screen for a really good job. I checked the batch number online. Heated it per instructions, then went to take my test.
    I walk in drop the sample come out and wash my hands, then the collection nurse looked at me and told me that he believed that the test was not real urine. He stated his reasons were color, smell, and he dipped a test strip in it to check for nitrates and said it didn’t contain any. I’ve used quick fix several times and have never had an issue. Evidently it’s no longer a viable option to use.
  2. I used quick fix 6.2 twice this year with no issue. Sounds like a strict lab or a bogus post
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  3. I agree.

    Labs use synthetic urine to test their equipment. They don't have a human being pissing in cups so they can calibrate their equipment.

    QuickFix replicates urine down to everything but the smell and temperature.

    If this lab actually smelled your urine (I've never heard of a testing place doing that, it's HIGHLY unsanitary) then you went to an insane place that had other reasons to believe you were using something other than real urine

    My guess is the employee noticed something off and took extra steps to prove you were faking it... I'm surprised they didn't taste it just to 100% make sure!

    I also want to meet the dude whose job it is to smell the urine to make sure it's real.... They must pay him a lot!
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  4. Dude was a douche..but what surprised me is he used some kind of test strip and said that there were no nitrates in my urine..and told me I had to give a sample supervised..fuck that..I’m not whipping my Johnson out infront of some weird dude.
  5. For anyone curious.. it was in Gilbert Az. Concentra in Val vista
  6. And Haven’t used 6.2 before, but 6.1 I never had any issues with..used 6.1 at least 6 times
  7. Bogus post if you have nitrates in your pee you have a UTI in other words nitrates shouldn’t be in anyone who is healthy.
  8. That was the explanation I was given..and then told I had to give another sample supervised
  9. sounds like you got unlucky I know there are a few busy body assholes that will go out of the way to see if it’s real or not. It still makes no sense because nitrates mean infection shouldn’t be there regardless, because other then a few tricks it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between real and synthetic without checking it for hormones.
  10. So yeah I double checked nitrates in your urine definitely can only mean UTI in other words you don’t want nitrates in your pee to begin with,so no idea how you failed because color and smell can’t be denied for that without being tested.
  11. Just use quick fix for new job on Monday passed
  12. I don’t know everything..just report what happened to me, i was shocked when it happened..I’d used quick fix products several times and never had an issue. Then I got in trouble...
  13. Get clean and freeze your own piss come test day thaw it and use it.
  14. Does that even work?
  15. I took my test on Nov 20 till today I haven’t got a update and I start my job dec 2 , they called me couple days ago sayying it will take 1-2more days til they get update but it’s thanksgiving they don’t work
  16. Ive seen a few people fail using quick fix. Not so much a fail but inconclusive which means the teat needs retaken. A inconclusive test can happen from a faulty test or more commonly from some one tampering with it so its normal to supervise the next test to make sure theres no tampering going on

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