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    In the past day I have purchased and subbed quickfix 6.1. I bought a batch in a yellow box and these batch numbers are all expired according to urineluck.com, or at least mine is.

    Has anyone subbed successfully with these batches in the past few months or less?

    Edit: the test was performed at a Labcorp in Glendale, AZ if this helps.
  2. BUMP

    Can anyone please share their experience?

    From what I've learned the batch number is not on the outside of the box so it is impossible to validate prior to purchasing. At best, any 6.1s already purchased should immediately be verified on urineluck.com
  3. I used expired 6.1 around Jan 18 and received inconclusive results. I then purchased 6.2 validated the batch and am awaiting results.
  4. You used EXPIRED product. And you're crying because you failed and putting others down because they passed? Dope.

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