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  1. Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to get some extra opinions. Just subbed urine for the first time yesterday and I'm freaking out. I haven't had confirmation of my results yet and used the QuickFix 6.1 Plus because of the majority of great reviews it has. I have a paper confirming that it was between 90-100 degrees, and it was definitely on the higher side of that. It was a pre-employment screening and I tried to detox naturally but after 3 solid weeks clean I was still failing home tests. Safe to say it was my last choice because I knew I would fail.

    Testing was easy and unobserved, but I am scared shitless because I really just wanted to be clean and this is for a very important internship. Let me know, thanks guys.
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  2. How it works for you. So many mixed reviews for synthetics make me not want to use it. Would like to know if it worked when you find out. I'm gonna be subbing Friday for employment but using a urine from a diabetic so not sure it'll work myself lol

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  3. I feel you on the stresses of drug tests. It's such a shame that you can't smoke a joint after work. Hopefully that stuff works. Let us know the results.

    I've had good results with some of the rapid detox products before but I'm pretty sure none of those results were lab tested.
  4. Well at least its not for probation and all they can say is, " Sorry, we cant accept you." You get to live another free day. Dont stress yourself. Just stay clean and hope it works or they call for you to try again at a later date
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  5. Appreciate the reviews man, no word still but it's the weekend so ovc
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  6. So obviously no business hours. It was last Tuesday and there was no call or anything to tell me I failed so I'm progressively feeling a little better. Let's hope it worked.
  7. Hey bud. I've been using quick fix since 2010 lol and so have many of my friends. I've never seen anyone fail and neither have I. I have heard of people buying bootleg quikfix though.

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  8. Hey guys,

    Just thought I definitely should update everyone on my experience with quick fix. It worked for me! Passed clean as a whistle and they confirmed to me I'm good to start my orientation process. Naturally I think the best option for anyone is to detox naturally but in a case like mine where I didn't give myself long enough quick fix was a complete lifesaver. The test was at a labcorp in NC.

    Cheers to everyone, toke on my friends.
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  9. Awesome! Glad it worked out for you bud.
  10. I use my kids pee because I am afraid of syntetic
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  11. I am glad to hear that you passed the tests. My friend just finished his test too and he passed using Synthetic Urine. I heard a lot of reviews on this and most of them are positive. I haven't tried it though. It is really great to know that these Synthetic Urine is created to help us when needed.
    Congratulation to you and good luck on your internship.

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