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Quickfix+ 6.1 inconclusive?!

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by Shetokadapot, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Hello!

    So this isn't my first time using QF+. The first time I used it it worked beautifully. This time, however, the dip stick came back "inconclusive". I tested on Tuesday and they had to send off the urine to be tested at Alere Toxicology (weird considering they're in LA and I'm in CA).

    I might be freaking out for nothing, but has anyone else had a test come back inconclusive while using quickfix+ 6.1?

    Yes I joined this forum just to ask this question, sorry about that. But I may stick around if that helps!

    Thank you. =)
  2. Did you end up passing??
  3. I used 6.1 (which turns out was an expired batch) on Jan 18 and received inconclusive results. Was scheduled for a retest.
  4. Do you plan on trying quickfix again?
  5. I will not be using any synthetics ever again only the real stuff. Substitution is very easy to pull off but it seems synthetic urine is hit or miss these days.
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  6. I passed. I've been working for about 2 weeks now. Make sure the batch isn't expired. Make sure you shake it and warm it to the right temp and you'll pass.

    This is my second time using it. And it's worked both times.
  7. I disagree.
  8. Did you use the new 6.2 formula?
  9. I took another job which I ended up using the 6.2 formula of quick fix at LabCorp and I did pass. But in my opinion the science is constantly catching up to the synthetic urine manufacturers. This leaves synthetic urine with an inherent risk of failure. Only urine from a trusted clean donor collected no longer than 6 hours is 100% guaranteed to pass.
  10. No. 6.1. Local smoke shop didn't carry 6.2. As long as you have the right temp, you'll pass.
  11. You’re experience isn’t a catch all for every situation genius. Anyone who has spent anytime at all researching this subject at all knows that not every lab, test or situation is the same. Saying “get the temp right and you will pass” is delusional. Your not helping anyone.

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