QuickFix 6.1 Expired- Please help Halloween sprits.

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by DoubleG619, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. So living in San Diego, California we have the dankest of buds so no way I'm going to pass a pee test. I've used quick fix 4 times before and passed negative in all four tests. So yes I recommend Quick Fix6.1. Here's the fun anxiety inducing part( for me). I wake up smoke a joint head to my local smoke shop, I ALWAYS GO TO THE SAME SPOT and ask for the quick fix I pay the guy his $20 and I leave. The first time I bought it I thought it was fake or an expired batch because of the price, but no it was legit(I called the number on the box) and passed, again all my 4 tests.

    So back to today, I get home and start preparing/heating the fake pee and for some reason I decide to call the number but they don't answer, I go online and they have a tab where you can type in the batch number and it will tell you if its expired.... MINE IS EXPIRED. So they tell you to send it in and they send you a fresh one. The problem my test was scheduled for today and if I don't show up its an automatic rejection. (I have to mention that I obviously want the job, but dont really care if I dont get it.. its just seasonal for SEARS.) Nonetheless I want the job, I can use the extra cash.

    So to answer some questions:
    Does QuickFix work? ABSOLUTELY YES, if its an E-CUP.
    Does an expired batch of quickfix work? We will find out. I will update if people want.
  2. So did it work?? Same thing just happened to me today! I went used Quick fix 6.1 and then when I got home I looked up the batch and it said it was expired!! Now I’m freaking out and this is a high paying job I have at stake!
  3. Either (or both) of you guys... please let us know how you made out!
  4. Bump

    Did the quickfix end up working? I used a 6.1 plus batch yesterday that Spectrum Labs also says is expired.
  5. I used expired QF 6.1 and my results were inconclusive/fail. I live in Michigan and the lab was covenant health
  6. Did you pass the test with the expired 6.1 Quick fix?
  7. Any update on this? Same thing happened to me yesterday and I’m worrying about it

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