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Quickfix 5.7 Synthetic Urine

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by oscurochu, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. I bought quickfix for a preemployment drug test. when I gave them my sample, the temperature was fine. the lady told me to go in the waiting room and she'll let me know when it's ready. she then calls me back and tells me they have to send it out to a so nervous they're going to find out its fake...
  2. You're screwed.  When they do that it means they suspect something and you will most likely have the police showing up to search your home.
  3. can i get a serious reply? lol
    i have read everywhere that quickfix is damn near fail safe, i dont know what could have gone wrong...
  4. They always send tests out to the lab when the lab tests it it will be clean quickfix has all the same propertys as normal piss

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  5. But let us know what happens im interested

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  6. I've recently purchased some quick fix too.. so let us know how it goes..
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    As stated, all of the samples go to a lab. They don't check that stuff on the spot unless the company paying for it specifically request the service, which most do not because of extra cost. Many companies really don't give a crap if you do drugs as long as you don't come to work wasted, and drug testing is an expense they try to minimize. They only do it for insurance and compliance purposes.

    It worked just fine for me a few months back.

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