quickest way to quick dry qwiso

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  1. hi i just made some qwiso...and would really love to smoke it tonight and was wondering if anyone had any quick dry techniques to evaporate the alcohol quickly...thanks :smoke:
  2. I've never made it myself but I'm pretty sure that the wider the container, the faster the evaporation. A fan blowing over it would probably speed things up nicely.

  3. right on the money.

    Don't apply heat or flame
  4. If you can put it outside if it's warm out. Make sure you put a screen on so stuff doesn't fly inside it though.

  5. yeah haha i learned my lesson the hard way, let a batch evaporate outside without a screen and ended up with a couple grasshoppers and a wasp stuck in my qwiso
  6. Freeze yourself and unfreeze yourself in a few days when its dried out?

    Just be patient, you don't wanna fuck the potency up cause you couldn't let it sit another 24 hours.
  7. Agreed... I just made a HUUUUGE batch and it took 26hrs+ with a big fan blowing directly over top of it. But the end results are SO WORTH IT! I don't know about all this fiddling around with butane since it's extremely dangerous, toxic if inhaled, mega explosive, and there's no scietific evidence nor experimentation proving there's no residue(s) left behind.

    If you're going to heat the ISO... it has to be VERY low heat, like a heating pad or a non-concentrated heat source that you can keep your hand on for ~5-10seconds. Come on... you cannot wait 24hrs or so?
  8. Hey everyone, I am close to harvest and had alot of crystally trimmings lying around, so I made some Qwiso a few days ago. Ive got it down to about 2-3 hours from trimming to smokeable product. For those who wanna be extra cautious, you can knead the qwiso with your fingers before smoking, just to expose more air to it if you are worried. I smoke it outta vape within 3 hours and i have no complaints.
    First of all use 91% or higher Isopropyl, (Ive used 50% before cause it was in the medicine cabinet and it took days to dry as opposed to hours) and use good quality Pyrex dishes, atleast 6x6. The more surface area exposed equals faster drying time. Also using multiple dishes as opposed to one dish will help. Two dishes with 1/4" of liquid will evap quicker than one dish with 1/2" of liquid. Lastly youll need a NON FLAME heating source, like a heating pad. I used my germination huts, heating mat cause its about 85-90deg and doesnt get the alcohol too hot where it could flash.
    \nI would NOT reccomend, an electric skillet, but if youre outside and feel comfortable with it, go for it. I have done it outside like that in cali, but its kinda sketch, and im kinda crazy...lol. ANWAYS Ill go step by step for my method. :yay:
    1. Get your supplies together in the area you will be working, make sure there is proper ventilation such as open windows and celing fans on if you cant avoid working indoors. Hopefully I dont need to remind anyone about smoking/open flames...lol.             [​IMG][​IMG]\t
    2. Everyones washing method is different, so Ill leave it up to you on how you do it, but basicaly, put your liquid onto the dishes the same way you normaly would.           [​IMG]\t
    3. Set your dishes by a window, under a celing fan, or with a small fan blowing over, but not on the trays, plug in your heat source, which obviously is placed under the dishes...  then pack a bowl and wait about an hour.                                                [​IMG]\t
    4. By now when you look at the dishes, youll see the mixture change colors, and some parts near the edges looking like its not liquid, but you can tell its not dry. Note the color and viscosity so you have something to compare what you see in the following hour.                             [​IMG]\t
    5. I usualy wait about 3 hours till I scrape. If your having a hard time scraping it up and it smears with a razor, you might want to wait a while longer, cause you might have over shaken during your wash and gotten some planty material dissolved in, but it will still be just fine.
    I hope this speeds up the Qwiso time for ya! Heres a pic of some finished product. (ive ended up w orange, brown and Slime green before, so dont worry if it comes out a color you didnt anticipate.)
    Thanks for viewing!  :smoke:
  9. Agreed, I Love ISO! Butane is such a waste of money.
    Like I posted earlier, I use a seedling heating mat. Works wonders.
  10. wow no one do anything in this Thread  :eek:
    :cry:  :cry:
  11. I mean if you have people with hella extra cash that wanna pay to have their shit done BHO, then awesome. I spent the money on a 3gal vaccum chamber and glass tubes, and yeah BHO is higher quality, but this thread was started by people who wanted to do Qwiso, Im not here to judge, Just to answer questions. Its the difference between Moët and Cristal, and the smokers still buy it all up as fast as its made. 
  12. i only make qwiso and this isnt how you do it
  13. So is it just considered ISO then? All I know is Ive had multiple people in Humboldt show me how to make their best selling "hash" and this is how they taught me, minus the heating pad. Guess they had their terminology wrong
    I do believe the reason for these forums is to share and promote education on the topics posted therin. How helpful (if even accurate) are statements like these. I have a pet peeve about people randomly spouting off oppinions like they were facts, especially when they are WRONG. And if your gonna make statements like these, back them up with something, like how do you do it? (Since you claim all the other ways are wrong?) There are quite a few variations to the qwiso method. I didnt have the opportunity to learn from great forums like these when I was learning how to make hash over 10 years ago, I learned from a GENERATIONS old recipie from the oldschool heads in Humboldt county. So I thought there might be the possibility that I had the terminology wrong, causing someone to blatently try and slander a particular method. SO... I did some research, cause I wont speak my mind without backing it up with TRUTH and Fact. I dont know how many hundreds of internet articles/ videos/ blogs/ ect. that explain in detail how to make qwiso. so I'll leave a few links and let the readers make up their own mind on how to process THEIR OWN PRODUCT. 
    Heres one on THC talk
    And heres another by Grass Citys own "HASHMOUF"  hashmoufs-official-guides
    I could go on and post another in quick succession, at least 30 other guides I found, but whats the point, anyone can read, and try for themselves to see the results, then decide for themselves.. SO my word of advice, If you are a thinking human being, dont let someone who tells you that your way is the WRONG way, but doesnt even have an explanation on the right way, deter you from doing what YOU want to do with YOUR trimmings, without atleast researching the validity of their comments, and your method. Its like listening to George W. Bush Claim theres "Weapons of mass destruction", wheres the proof? All the info is out there folks, just gotta look for it. ANd hopefully, I helped you cut a few corners to get to the answers you look for!  :gc_rocks: 
  15. Go look at his profile page, He lists almost 8 different processes of extraction. So this statement in itself is false. And he has a business of extraction, I can see why he wouldnt want you making qwiso your own way, and still not state his way... Like I say, the truth is only a click away...
  16. if you have a heat vent on the floor somewhere in your house and its not too warm out crank up the hear and leave the dish of qwiso on the vent; dries out in no time. I on; even use that method because I don't have an electric griddle; if you do put that shit on "warm" and let your qwiso dish chill on there until all the moisture is gone. Should be ready by tonight if you get right on it!
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    wow dude just because someone has been doing it this way for years doesnt make it the best. And just because he said not to do it, doesnt mean BHO is the only other option. Qwiso can be amazing when done right, but when you wash too long and you get black shit, it usually taste like burnt popcorn.
    gotta run good material too ;)
  18. Well the thing is, i love doing bho, and love playing with my vaccuum purge chamber too, but the thread topic is qwiso, not bho....
    Anywho..I just did a batch last night that turned out pretty clear, but I always make sure the material is in contact with the alcohol no longer than 30-45 seconds, then filter it after the material is strained, instead of filtering it with the material in it. It just ends up w hella chlorophyll in it then, causing darker colored results. Used about 7g of only crystalized trimms and popcorn nugs. Didnt need any heat, because it helps in a hurry, but it lowers potentcy. This shit i knew was gonna be good, so i opted for no heat. the fluid was about 1/4" deep when poured last night, was almost completely dry by morning when I did a test scrape, gonna let it sit till tonight before i scrape the rest of it just to be safe.
  19. can you do this same thing with your pipes and stems and bowls? ....then filter out the solids youget from the resin with a coffee filter?
  20. No, thats resin. Thats disgusting man please do not do that. I've heard of people using 'bong oil' for theyre skin cancers lol but i would NOT smoke that.
    lol and low heat 100F and below is not gonna lower your potency. looks like you needed to filter a little better.

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