Quickest way to kill a cold?

Discussion in 'General' started by Phro, May 13, 2011.

  1. Woke up this morning feeling like shit. Thought it was a hang over or something until I started going about my day. Out of nowhere my nose is completely stuffed up and I keep sneezing. This sucks balls. How do you deal with being sick? I want it to go away :(
  2. google...
  3. take advil, sleep, and drink a lot of liquids... if you have the flu and you piss a lot you will piss it right out..

    or do it the good old fashioned way and wait until it goes away, it will eventually..
  4. take vitamin c daily and what i do if i get one is just pop extras through the day and i just use afrin for the plugged nose cause cold medicines do not work on me
  5. I was just wondering if anyone out there had some magical quick fixes that work for them. I don't want to wait it out. It happened so suddenly, there has to be someway to undo it!

    (Also I know you can't really "undo" being sick, but...:( )
  6. Eat a lot of edibles :smoke:

    I guarantee you will forget your cold :)
  7. or.. i forgot to mention..
    im not sure if this works for everyone but maryjane is such an instant medicine for me.. for some reason i could have the worst virus or the worst sickness and a blunt will suddenly make it all go away..

    have you tried that yet?

  8. I've been out of bud since Wednesday night. Buying more today. I'm also dealing with some shitty stomach pains that always come when I stop smoking for a day or so. Weed fixes everything...
  9. Halls Vitamin C drops
    Hot Green Tea with honey and a splash of lemon juice (will ease throat pain and is filled with anti-oxidants)
    Make sure while drinking tea to also drink water to stay hydrated.
    Finally relax as much as possible. Don't strain yourself. Find your favorite series or some of your favorite movies and just kick back all day.

    Optional - Gatorade to replenish electrolytes.
  10. neti pot will flush out all the congestion and lots of vitamin c
  11. yes it does :smoke:
  12. Just break into its compound and shoot it in the head.

    Will solve all your problems.

  13. Neti pots are terrifying.

    Why is it important to drink water while drinking tea? Do you mean drink both at the same time? Tea already has water so...
  14. I just mean during the time you're not drinking tea. Just a way to keep yourself well hydrated.
  15. My method is drinking a lot of orange juice and rest. I usually beat the cold in a day or so.
  16. When it's really bad I'll rest and drink orange juice like the guy above said. But once I'm almost over the cold I try to get to a sauna that always seems to "freshen" me up or what have you. lol :bongin:
  17. For those that enjoy TMI, I just threw up all of the fluids I've been drinking. I hate life.

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