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  1. I live in the Wisconsin, Illinois area. I grew a bunch of bag seed plants this year, topped some, lst'd some, got huge Sativas, some little Indicas. The point is, I got some experience. I have read some books, talked with you guys online, and done my homework so to speak.
    In my area we get seedy weed for 350 a zip. I'm done. I hate the system of weed I live by. I hate the people who deal with weed. I hate dealing with weed. I hate everything about the troubles of weed. So I'm growing next year.
    I plan to go through with an illegal medical grow. I'm going to be supplying my wife, 3 patients, and myself with nothing less than a years worth of medicinal bud for very cheap. I'm not even making a profit off of the other 4, I'm simply selling it to them at a price that will cover the costs of materials.
    Because of location I will be growing strictly Indica dom plants, I would love love love some nice Sativas, but I don't think Wisconsin will treat any of them right.

    I was thinking about Barney's Farm Red Dragon because it has a shorter flowering time for a Sativa and is suppose to be kick ass. Around here, we don't get any good bud. Just no named shit that some idiot grew to make a bunch of money. Recently though I came across an 8th of Blue Dream. Blue Dream is a cross of Blueberry x Haze. I lost it. This was the dankest most potent bud I have ever touched in my life hands down. Since this day I have been planning on harvesting my medical grade buds next year. I just don't know what genetics to choose from. You think it's possible to grow out a Sativa or two? Should I go with some Red Dragon this year?

    And now I want to say that with my first year of growing I have learned so much and I plan on doing everything right next year. My main question is:

    In Southern Wisconsin/Northern Illinois, starting the plants off in a heated greenhouse in Early April, having growable climates untill end of September, mid October, growing a nice Indica dominant strain, what is a nice average gram/plant guess on something like this? I know full well that it sounds like a stupid question, I get mad when people show pictures of their vegging plants and ask how much they will yield and here I am asking on next years grow. I just want like a "You can go by a minimum of 200 gr/plant." or something like that. Just so I can figure how much bud I am going to need to supply 5 people with a years worth of bud. I got the rest of the math down after this, just wanna couple estimates on outdoor growing to get my numbers a little more accurate.
  2. One thing that I would be worried about is the hemp plants pollinating your buds. But you can easily get 1+ pounders in the midwest.
  3. first as you know medic, its very hard to tell. lol. but i always under-estimate rather than over estimate just to be prepared. anyway, I live in that area almost, and find that I can grow sativas during the season-if started on time..
    If they are in the ground they will get bigger than pots. in 5 gal pot iwould say at least 75 grams/plant. and if in the ground i would say at least 150g/plant. up to a lb
    with many factors to raise/lower the #
  4. whatever you decide to grow, plant 1 for the cops 1 for the rippers 1 for the animals and 1 for yourself.
    if your trying to guess yeild in the end remember not all plants will make it . best of luck :D
  5. Barney's - Seeds
    Barneys sites lists the yeild as "Optimum indoor. 500 gr/m2" what that means i have no idea. but 500gr = 17.6 onces = 1 pound or so. i dont think any indoor growers are getting a pound per plant indoor but i could be wrong.

  6. I understand what your saying, but what does that have to do with anything? I saw the indoor estimates, but this will be an outdoor grow. I'm thinking I'm going to go with the 150gr/plant to make it safe. I have heard of 300 grams off of a plant so I think this number will be accurate for now.

    And I am taking the advice of the poster up there who said to plant enough for things to go wrong. I'm going to have a couple back beans germming at the same time to compensate for any of my main beans not working out right with germination, weather, pests, or any of the million problems that could go wrong.

    To provide 300 grams to 3 people I'm looking at this:
    All from Barney's Farm. :)

    1. Red Dragon
    2. Red Dragon
    3. LSD
    4. LSD
    5. Pineapple Chunk
    6. Crimea Blue

    *7. Red Dragon
    *8. LSD

    7 and 8 are my back up seeds.

    Along with this grow I will be doing a more commercial grow to add another strain to my stash and to provide a supply to a couple friends who face the same shit problems with bud in my area. Any ideas for a nice strain I could have 10 of and grow out with some good commercial quality?
  7. what do u mean good commercial quality?

  8. A hearty strain. Resistant to disease, cold, pests, etc... Doesn't have to be the most potent of strains, but one that can be counted on.
  9. You CAN get a pound indoors but it would be cost prohibitive to provide the lighting you'd need. You get more from multiple smaller plants.

    I typically get 2-4 oz. indoors and 1-3 lbs. outdoors. My indoor record is over 9 ounces, outdoor was closer to 4 lbs.

    That being said, there are just way too many variables to give good answers as to yields. Soil, genetics, climate, the weather that season (climate and weather are different), grower's skill in dealing with issues like pests, etc.

  10. I understand all this, but than would you say a southern Wisconsin climate could call for a 400 or so gram Indica plant if grown in good conditions? I will be starting the plants in a heated green house in early to mid April so they will have some time to veg.
  11. It's possible.

    I never sweat it. I just take care of the plants and they take care of the rest. I don't count on any given yield until I harvest.
  12. hey old skool that is impressive. i dont grow indoor but the outdoor is impressive to me. is that in the ground with no container? I am using 5 gallons because i cant dig the soil cuz i am guerilla style. my plants are good and healthy but they seem like they will yeild less then a lb each
  13. Yes, big deep holes filled with my soil mix, in the ground. I don't grow outdoors much anymore though because of the higher risk.

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