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Discussion in 'General' started by chronicking302, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, I'm supposed to be getting a pretty good amount of xanax tomorrow, but my dealer is using some terminology I'm unfamilar with, so I'm askin you guys to make sure this all sounds a-okay.

    4mg Generic Xanax
    He's selling me 40 of em, 5 per bar.

    Do they even make 4mg xanax?
  2. Uh, no, they don't. And 5$ a bar is a complete rip off, especially if you're buying 40. I'm really not trying to start a 'MY PRICES ARE BETTER THAN YOURS' thread, but seriously, bars go for 2 FOR 5 if you only buy 2, you should be getting 40 for 80$ tops.
  3. Who said anything about buying bars? :confused:

  4. The Bars are the highest strength of the Xanax brand. They are 2mg...

    $5 a bar is expensive. Here, kids sell them at like $8 a bar, which is insane. For $120, I would say you go buy 2 grams of coke, and have a fun night with your/a girl.
  5. I know what bars are Spaz, I was just saying that I asked about 4mg xanies (which I guess don't even exist?), not bars.

    Bars here go for $4-5 each though, not that many people sell em.
  6. Well, other than schoolbusses(3mg extended release yellow xanax) Bars(Xanax 2mg) are the highest and most commonly used kind. So I was assuming that's what you're getting, since 4mg xanax don't exist.

  7. That's what I was saying...

    Sorry for the mis-communication OP. But yeh, they're 2mg. NOT worth $5 a piece IMO. Especially since you're buying bulk, he should make them A LOT cheaper.
  8. Kinda odd but...

    Called the guy back, asked what his prices were for 40 bars, he says the lowest he can do is 3 a bar.

    Since I'm buying in bulk, I do expect them a bit cheaper than normal, but these bars are for personal use, so anything cheaper then the going rate (5 a bar) works for me.
  9. My above math was wrong... I feel like a moron, haha.

    So now, Its $120 for 40 bars.

    I would say you just get some coke, but you can have MANY goes with $120 of xanny, than with $120 of coke.
  10. uh take invictis's advice, they don't make em higher than that
  11. THREAD JACK: how many mg of xanies do you need to get fucked up??
  12. 4 is a nice, round number.
  13. Xanax bars are 2mg... not 4mg.

    They are $4 or $5 a pop here. If you buy only a couple.
  14. i don't remember many 4 xanax nights... of course i wouldn't, would i? hahaha.
  15. Damn, weed prices where i'm from in Houston are outrageous but bars go for 1-2$ for the 2mg bars, guess i'm lucky for that. @Smooth, if it's your first time doing them I recommend taking 2 2mg bars. That'll fuck you up pretty good, tolerance builds pretty quickly though. I can pop almost 5 now and not be FUCKED up.

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