quick ways for cash

Discussion in 'General' started by yellow bic, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. well im past the mow lawns stage lol

    any other quick ways for some cash anyone can think of?
  2. DONATE SEMEN!!!!!

    Not only is it fun, you get paid for it too
  3. you could get a webcam--do shows, and be a cam whore
  4. pawning shit
  5. you could rob a bank, thats what cool people do.

    or sell crack..
  6. trust me if i had the crack.........id be selling it

    i thought about donating sperm before lol turns out you have to donate a bunch before you ever get paid, if it was an instant thing im sure there would be a line

    i dont even have money to get a camera to whore my self out :smoking:lol
  7. Donate plasma....

  8. thats a good one...sell old textbooks if u havent already
  9. Sell shit man, Get ya hustle on.

    I dont mean drugs.

    Sell anything ya can get ya hands on.
  10. Old ladys purses.
  11. Thats fucked up.

    But how i first read it made me chuckle.

    Lets jus say, PUSSY cat.

  12. HAHA, I thought the same thing! Hmm, Get rich quick schemes...

    Bum it off people.

    hmm... Sell shit you have.

    Or, you could get a job...
  13. you should learn how to make your own money ;)...i mean really make your own
  14. I've always wanted to conceive some kind of master plan where I could print my own legit money, that'd be the shit, but then again, we've all probably thought of that.
  15. get tons of cigarettes for the cheap somewhere...find buy one get one deals...search and search...get a nice variety...find everyone you know who smokes..and lower your prices...

    i used to do that when the store down the street from me had the best prices...buy tons, and just sell em to coworkers...

    learn how to make good wine...start bottling it and offer it cheap...

    make up your own sport, then get enough people into it locally, spread it via internet, and work its way into being a like an olympic sport...however, make sure your the best...

    come up with tons of designs, common sense designs, patent em, and when a company wants to use it, you get moneys...

    walk dogs? watch kids? i dont know
  16. VERY possible.

    Even though its much harder these days.
  17. Ya don't do it. I got fucked for printing the old ten dollar bills, before they changed the front and added all the colors and new security features. My friend had just gotten a brand new scanner and we tested it out with a ten. I color corrected it and printed it out and gave a few to some friends just to fuck with other people as a joke, like ask them if they had any change and then give them the fake and see if they noticed.

    Well, one of my cocky friends decided to use it in the lunch line at school and it worked and he got change back. Another one of my friends tried it a week later and they caught him because the bank called the school and told them to look out for counterfeits. The kid ratted me out that I gave it to him, they searched my shit and found one of the one sided duds with the same serial number and I was fucked from there.

    The kid who passed it got to go to the police station, the cops just showed up at my house and scared my parents to death when they asked to come in and ask some questions. Not a fun time and I think it will be my last criminal act, besides smoking weed of course.:smoking:

    So in the end the counterfeit bill worked, they just caught on because the bank notified them. This was just using my home HP Deskjet and my friends high end scanner. It does work.
  18. get a job man. ive tried so many chemes to get rich. selling drugs is obviously not a good idea, whether it works or not, and you just cant beat a bomb ass job.

    im about to hopefully get this job at my art school, working as a monitor. i literally get my own office to chill in and blast tunes, i get a computer and all the tools and shit i could ever want. I GET MY OWN FUCKIN OFFICE MAN! and i get paid to sit there between like 6-11 and watch what people do and answer questions... so basically il be lit up as all hell, listening to some tunes posting on GC and getting paid to do it. cant be much easier than that.

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