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Quick ways for a buzz?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Painter3, May 10, 2010.

  1. hey what are some quick ways to get a good buzz without weed? any ideas?
  2. Drink alcohol.
  3. Don't do anything stupid. Tobacco buzz? or have you passed that stage in tobacco.
  4. I would never do it but sniffing glue or something like it?
  5. Dude stick with weed, maybe alcohol on occasion but don't go venturing around for new drugs just to get a buzz. That leads to trouble.
  6. Haha on the cheesing, but smoke a couple of resin tokes. That always gets me high
  7. Punch yourself in the balls as hard as you can.

    I know it sounds weird, but trust me.

    I have a PhD in this kind of thing.
  8. Just go rub one out, dude.

    You get a buzz when you bust a nut.

    Well, if it's quality pr0n, anyway.
  9. Try chasing your tail.
  10. go find some weed...sometimes that shit is closer than you think...sniff it out.
  11. You could try Nutmeg. Or Robotripping. Or XTC. ( I seriously wouldn't try Nutmeg. ) Nothing like 3 bottles of DeXtroMethoprhan and falling off the face of the earth. Don't do it too much though, if you can't handle it. :]

  12. good advice.
  13. This.
    Ever wonder where the phrase "Tripping balls" originated?
  14. get your buddy to punch ya hard in the face. nothing better then an adrenaline rush
  15. Nitrous. Feels a ton better than anything else mentioned and can be bought at the store or online. It's also safer than alcohol.
  16. Resin and a cigarette for me.
  17. Butt Hash :|

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