Quick volcano question

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by tumtumsaum, May 22, 2010.

  1. just bought my 1st volcano yesterday and it worked like a charm. but just wondering how much green fills up how many bags before its usually dried up? should i just keep checking the color? like if i put .5g in there, should i fill up 2 or more bags before i dump out the vaporized weed or is 1 enough? Thanks
  2. I usually check the color once the bags start coming up light. Then I'll try to crush it up a bit and see if I can get another bag out of it. Everyone has their own style.
  3. Welcome to the club! About a quarter of a gram of finely ground material should give you several bags before you need to dump it (and KEEP your vaped stuff aka poo, you can make tinctures or cannabutter out of it). I usually run at LEAST 5 bags off a single filling, I used to start a 5.5 and gradually increase with each bag, but now I just go 4 bags at 5.5 and then one at 7 or 8.

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