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  1. I would need a little more info as to how you plan on venting? Are the 600's in a sealed reflector? Are you going to loop them together and suck? are you going to blow one end and suck the other. I have personal experience with the HD fans and they are great but have certain drawbacks. You cant place an exaust within 6 " of a wall they need to be able to breath... Also remember to buy reducers because the one you specified is an 8" ... But all in all your math is accurate your going to have about 250 CF so if you have a 500cfm fan or more realistically 2 of them you should be in grea sh
  2. i'm actually now thinking of attaching 2 250cfm fans sucking air from the 2 reflectors.

    The reflectors have a glass lens but have 2 6" flanges to air cool them. I'll just be sucking air from one side them not blowing air into them probably.

    Another quick question, should attach the in-line fan next to the reflector, at the end of the vent tubing, or somewhere in between?

    Thanks for the help liquid! +rep
  3. That fan is a pile of crap. Nothing more then a small propeller in a tin can. Most PC fans are built better.

    CFM means nothing if your fan cant overcome static pressure. They have PC fans with the same CFM as my inline can-fan, but a PC fan cant pump air through ducting/pipe more then a foot or so. After a foot of ducting, the CFM drops 80% in most PC style fans. It will be tough to get a good fan that can cool a 400W lamp for less then $100 if you have to run ducting.

    This type of fan will do a great job pumping air through several feet of ducting:

    These types of fans are only good if you dont need to hook it to any ducting:
  4. Thanks rumple i really value your input as your white widow/kush grows were a big inspiration for mine. i have a pretty simliar setup just on a slightly bigger scale. i'll see what i can do about adjusting more budget for better fans. i was kind of afraid the inline fans at HD were too good to be true. How many cfm's per 600w light do you think? You use a 400w HPS no? I forgot what kind of venting you said you had. I was pretty sure it was one of those can-fans. i can't wait to get a grow journal of my own started. +rep if i can

    EDIT: would two of these be overkill http://htgsupply.com/viewproduct.asp?productID=52583?
    or could i get away with just one?

    I remember reading that can-fans are best at blowing air correct? so should i put it closer to the reflector or the end of the ducting? Would i be better off with a squirrel cage fan? I know i sound like a total noob right now, but this is the biggest thing i'm having trouble with.
  5. All good my brotha.

    I would hook up a 6" can-fan of some sort to that room (between 400 to 600 CFM). If you have cold air from your house going into the intakes, you might get away with a 4". I pull in air from outside, so I have to move a lot of air to keep it cool.

    VLF-6 ValuLine 6' 435 c.f.m. Blower [​IMG] $119.95

    Oh and the Master Kush did not come out as well. But everyone loved the bud that I did get from it. I think I will stop posting Journals here (it's bad luck), I have had my worst grows when I took pictures everyday.​
  6. Dang I'll be bummed to no longer drool over your latest grows. But thanks for all the help! You're the best.

    And ya it was too bad about the master kush grow. I think it just got too overgrown.

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